The Year of Product Introductions for X-Rite Pantone

In spite of all the color management technology available these days, accurately communicating color is no easy task. Throughout the supply chain, a great many variables can impact color-critical work. To make sure brand integrity is maintained and speed to market optimized, color networks must work together flawlessly.

Shrewsbury, MA.-based X-Rite Pantone, which provides software and hardware designed to accurately communicate color across the supply chain, has responded to the challenge this year with no fewer than three important product introductions.

At GRAPH EXPO, the company is found within seveal partner booths including the Canon exhibit at Booth 400.

On March 1, the company unveiled Pantone Live, a cloud-based solution to help ensure accurate color communication on the part of each of the supply chain’s stakeholders, including brand owners who specify color, designers who take the vision and create a campaign, multiple printing facilities, ink suppliers, and converters who produce the packaging. “Inside that is the pre-media stage, between design and production, where the design is prepped,” Shoshana Burgett, Strategic Marketing Director for Pantone X-Rite Incorporated. “We have tools that can help everyone across the supply chain communicate, manage and control color.”

Also unveiled this year by X-Rite is i1 Pro 2 a color measurement solution for pre-media, helping calibrate monitors, profile monitors, and profile printers inside the pre-media department. “And today, we also communicate through profile projectors, and the i1 Pro-2 does all these,” Burgett reports. The i1 Pro-2 was the recipient of one of the InterTech Awards bestowed Sunday evening at Graph Expo. It also was responsible for X-Rite winning the Red Dot Award this year.

Yet another of the company’s 2012 product introductions, Pantone D50 Lighting Indicator, reveals whether lighting conditions are suitable for accurate color evaluation and matching. The product helps anyone signing off on a job, whether they are a customer, brand manager, designer or any other individual, make sure they are signing off in the appropriate lighting condition, she adds.

“The last thing we’re showing here today, and we also showed it at drupa, is the X-Rite eXact, our newest handheld spectrophotometer, with completely new touch screen technology inside,” Burgett adds. “It uses touch screen technology similar to Smart Phones, that’s both intuitive and user-friendly. Just as I can customize my Smart Phone to my own needs, I can tailor the screens on the X-Rite eXact to my needs and my distinct business. It’s a simple hardware platform, with three different versions.”

This is the first iteration of eXact, she adds. “This is currently a technology demo, and not yet launched. The launch will take place shortly.”