EFI Expands OPS Portfolio

EFI (Booth 2000) has unveiled two new tools within the company’s Online Print Solutions (OPS) product portfolio—MPrint, a transactional application for smartphones that enables commercial printers to offer their clients a mobile platform for editing, proofing, ordering, and approving jobs, and CallTarget, a module for turning printed items of all types into trackable marketing pieces via unique phone numbers.

“Not only are we absolutely committed to supporting and expanding the EFI OPS product suite,” says Filip Buyse, General Manager of EFI’s OPS, Digital StoreFront, and PrintSmith products. “but we’re committed to helping our commercial print customers be even easier to do business with, and providing them with the means to offer more advanced products. Everything we do is to help print providers become more efficient and capture more business, and that’s exactly what these new tools are for.”


Web-to-print application

The EFI OPS smartphone application, MPrint, is the first transactional application launched by a Web-to-print vendor to date. With MPrint, commercial printers can enable their clients to interact with them in a manner that best suits them. From viewing product catalogues, editing, and proofing artwork, through to ordering and approving jobs, MPrint helps capture the ever-increasing migration of Internet usage to the mobile Web. MPrint is an optional module that can be added to an EFI OPS system and deployed to an unlimited number of end users.


CallTarget Print Marketing Tracking Module

With the launch of the CallTarget module, the EFI OPS platform now turns even the most standard printed item into a trackable marketing piece, allowing for end customers to easily see and compare the return on investment for various marketing campaigns. When creating a print piece, users will have the option of adding a unique, temporary, redirected phone number to their marketing materials.

“By delivering tools to our customers that give their clients the confirmation of the successful return on investment that print can provide,” adds Mark McGowan, Director of EFI’s OPS products, “EFI is helping our clients stay at the core of their customers’ marketing spend.”