Kodak Gets the Marketing Goose

German Sacristan, Kodak’s Return on Marketing Developer has authored “The Digital and Direct Marketing Goose” and is signing copies during GRAPH EXPO 2012. The book is a guide for commercial printers that asks the questions, “What do your customers think when they look at you? They only think why you? What can you do for me than others can’t?” According to Sacristan, the customer of the commercial printer only cares about one thing, “selling more of what they sell” and how you are going to help them achieve that goal.

“The Digital & Direct Marketing Goose” includes 16 tips and real examples that will help the customers of commercial printers increase their chances of laying more golden eggs. The book describes a proven methodical process and the ingredients that can help deliver more and better sales.

This book is highly recommended to any commercial printer that wants to grow his business. After reading the book they will better understand customers from a business, marketing, and sales perspective. That will help increase the value of their services as well as better differentiate themselves from the competition.