“Mission in Print” Initiative Launches at GRAPH EXPO 2012

Trends have started to develop in the industry that many would find troubling. The overall size of the industry has decreased, especially among smaller independent printing companies, who are more routinely being priced out of competition. Gaps have appeared in the workforce that aren’t being filled by a new generation of printing professionals. In recognition of these trends, United Print Foundation has launched its “Mission in Print” initiative at GRAPH EXPO 2012.

With an online survey to assess the needs of the industry, “Mission in Print” will help United Print Foundation tailor their services to prospective clients and ensure future success throughout the print industry. Christine Wheatley, a Process Engineer with 10 years experience in the printing industry, has brought United Print Foundation’s “Mission in Print” initiative to the show floor.

You can take the “Mission in Print” survey at www.unitedprintfoundation.com. United Print would appreciate your input to support its effort to improve our industry.

United Print Foundation is a new company launching at this year’s GRAPH EXPO. They have been founded with the purpose of growing and maintaining competiveness in the domestic print industry. United Print intends to provide services that reduce the cost of commercial printing by improving efficiency, fostering innovation, and expanding the labor pool. UP aims to achieve this by offering process engineering, lean manufacturing training, and technical services at a low cost to independent printers.