Goal Fulfilled: Avanti Advanced Fulfillment Earns Must See 'Em Award

Avanti Advanced Fulfillment (Booth 864), a module within Avanti’s Arts Management System that helps commercial print providers manage the complex business of fulfillment, has earned a MUST SEE ’EMS Award in the “Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping, and Fulfillment” category at GRAPH EXPO 2012.

Noting that this year’s Must See ’Ems Award is being added to “a growing list” of previously-captured Must See ’Ems, Avanti President and CEO Patrick Bolan added: “Avanti’s customer-driven innovation translates directly into our product roadmap, which is key to ensuring we are producing software that continually evolves to meet the changing business needs of the marketplace and our customers.”

At the heart of Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment is a full contract management system, where PSPs can easily manage and track their customers’ finished goods. Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment also provides a set of tools enabling these organizations to manage the complex billing of these goods, including how the goods are stocked, packed, and tracked. Ensuring that the value of finished goods is properly tracked requires granularity, and that’s precisely what Advanced Fulfillment provides.

With Advanced Fulfillment integrated into the print production process, it is easy for any employee to manage and track requests from company Web-to-print systems, regardless of whether it is a print job, fulfillment job or both.

“A lot of our customers are moving beyond printing and offering additional services,” says Stephen McWilliam, Avanti Executive Vice President. “The key ones folks are adding are fulfillment, mailing and marketing services.”

“Our Advanced Fulfillment module allows them to very quickly and easily manage a very complex business. One of the more complex aspects of fulfillment is contract management. How you bill can vary enormously from one client to another. And you want to make sure you do bill for every service offered, and not leave money on the table. Avanti’s Advanced Fulfillment module not only ensures you do bill correctly, but is also integrated into your entire print production process.”