Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Q: One of my customers only sells business services to other businesses. I want to suggest a direct mail

campaign, so what are the best offers to include?

A: Selling and marketing to businesses is entirely different from consumer marketing. You still will want to have an attractive mail piece, envelope, and offer. Think about the kind of things that would interest you as a business owner or manager. Specific offers that work well with the B2B market: a white paper, free webinar or seminar, needs analysis or consultation, or free product trial.

You might also suggest that your customer promote a special event or open house at his facility. You can use your customer’s “house list” or suggest that a new list be purchased after consulting with your client about his objectives. Make sure the address database is updated with CASS and NCOA/Move update for address accuracy.

Finally, use color and personalization on both the mail piece and the envelope to improve the openability. You might also want to suggest using a QR code to link back to your customer’s website or product video. Your customer will appreciate your creative suggestions.

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