The Sign Connection: Finding Your Way to More Wayfinding Business

Even in our GPS-saturated society where every car and smartphone come equipped with the latest mapping software, directions can only take you as far as the street address. But what happens when someone pulls in to a retail center, professional building, residential community, government facility, or worst of all, an institution like a hospital or school with a huge, intimidating campus? People rely on wayfinding signage to figure out where to park, where to enter a building and, ultimately, how to find their destination inside.

The sheer volume of need for this type of signage makes it one of the most important pieces of business to capture. Today we’re sharing some of the innovative approaches Signs By Tomorrow takes to wayfinding projects in the hopes they offer you some fresh ideas and inspiration for reaching this profitable market.


Say No to Cookie Cutter

While for many years wayfinding signs had a uniform appearance, today’s technologies provide as many different opportunities to customize signage as our designers have ideas. In today’s business environment, differentiation is imperative and wayfinding can be a great tool for your customers to reinforce their brand.

For instance, one of our centers recently did work for a cruise line in need of wayfinding signage for its private Haitian island that would be both functional—standing up to extreme weather conditions—and themed. Using Dibond materials printed on a flatbed and router cut, we were able to deliver signs that mimicked driftwood and treasure maps, and also provided directional arrows and icons used on a sign hand-carved by Haitian natives.


Embrace Technology

Of course, advancements in materials and processes allow for greater creativity than ever before. But in addition, we can take advantage of the latest in digital technologies to innovate wayfinding signage and stand out from the crowd. The latest digital displays allow customers to update directories with the touch of a button and are a quick and easy way to showcase a business as modern and sophisticated.


Think Outside the Sign

As we’ve seen from some of the above examples, one of the greatest benefits we can offer our clients in this industry is creativity. So while there may always be need for entrance signs, directory signs and the like, at Signs By Tomorrow we try to be on the lookout for other opportunities to provide graphics support.

When our Sunrise, FL, center was called in to produce wayfinding signage for the renovation of three medical office buildings and a medical mall, in addition to standard directional and suite identification signs we suggested applying formed plastic dimensional lettering to the porticos that marked the campus’ North, East and Central areas. In addition to supporting the client’s end goals, it was an opportunity to showcase our creativity while also increasing the scope of the job.


Leave No Sign Opportunity Unturned

Finally, at Signs By Tomorrow we also take advantage of any request for wayfinding support to cross-sell required signage such as ADA signs required in restrooms, parking lots, elevators, and stairwells. Many businesses don’t realize that the law was updated in February of 2011 and that many old ADA signs are no longer compliant. Best of all, we love to tell our customers that ADA signs don’t have to be boring. We’ve customized them in dozens of ways, using different colors and types of materials, applying graphics, or engraving signs to match a customer’s brand identity.

For example, Signs By Tomorrow Houston South recently developed ADA-compliant wayfinding signs for a wellness clinic. The unique double-panel design gives the signs a frosted glass look and incorporates the customer’s signature leaf emblem in an end product that conveys high-end professionalism and reinforces the clinic’s brand.

While wayfinding signs are a necessity for a huge number of businesses, it’s up to us to show our customers that they are anything but routine or an afterthought. By offering creative solutions and quality products, we can position ourselves to grab the maximum share of this lucrative market.