Association Insights: 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference

In today’s highly competitive environment, eliminating waste in every area of production and refining your business are essential for reducing costs, improving quality, and, ultimately, achieving a better production flow. The key to implementing lean manufacturing is to understand the skills and techniques necessary for successful change.

The 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference, sponsored by Printing Industries of America, will be held in Indianapolis, IN, April 7-10. This is the only industry event focused on helping companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of lean manufacturing and other management and quality systems.


Understanding is Essential

What’s most important about lean manufacturing is that a company’s entire workforce understands its principles. Countless companies have jumped onto the lean bandwagon, but relatively few have achieved the considerable benefits that come from lean thinking.

These companies are failing because they have implemented lean practices as a series of tools and methods, but have not changed the way the company is run. The Continuous Improvement Conference incorporates expert opinions from industry leaders on how today’s top companies are staying competitive using lean manufacturing.

Discover why the right leadership style is so critical to having a successful CI program. Understand how to apply performance metrics to spot improvement opportunities. Learn how to standardize your process.

The conference offers three tracks: leadership and culture; process and tools—advanced; and process and tools—fundamental. It is ideal for executives; operations, production, and quality managers; and others striving for operational excellence.

Visit the Printing Industries of America YouTube channel: 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference for more from this year’s featured speakers: Jim Lancaster, CEO and owner, Lantech; Dr. Alan Robinson, authority on corporate innovation and improvement; and Brian Maskell, president, BMA, Inc.

For more information on the 2013 Continuous Improvement Conference, download the conference brochure, which includes a full speaker lineup and logistical information, or to register, visit


Jim Workman is assistant vice president, Center for Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. Contact him at or 412-259-1710.