Interior Design's New Standard

James Freeman and Bart Cooper of Maxwell Dickson in Los Angeles, CA, are creating a new standard for interior décor through the innovative application of art on pillows, tables and even clocks. “We didn’t want to stop at just wall art,” said Freeman.

Selling to wholesalers like and, Maxwell Dickson has developed a strong sense of what works for younger consumers. “We try to create an urban, colorful vibe in our products that appeals to our market demographic,” said Freeman. Since starting their business in 2010, they have added products and upped their staffing to six to keep up with demand for their brand.

To produce their cutting-edge product line, Maxwell Dickson uses the Roland VersaUV LEJ-640 64-inch hybrid UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer. “We researched a lot of printers, and the LEJ has it all – white ink and gloss coat, great print quality and cost-effective pricing,” said Freeman.

Maxwell Dickson’s client base is primarily commercial enterprises, but through wholesalers and their website they are reaching consumers directly as well. They are also seeking to establish relationships with other retailers.

“Our vision was to break out of the mold, and having the LEJ lets us do that,” said Freeman. Maxwell Dickson uses the LEJ to print designs on wall canvas, fabric, acrylic and glass.

In addition to expanding their brand, Maxwell Dickson is saving money with Roland’s UV-LED hybrid printer. “Production on the LEJ is a lot cheaper, both in terms of materials and time, than on our previous equipment,” said Freeman. “Transitioning to the LEJ has really cut our costs.”

To create their customized clocks, Maxwell Dickson uses the LEJ to print on both the acrylic face of the clock and polyester wall fabric extensions. When assembled, the design on the clock face appears to flow seamlessly onto the wall.

Maxwell Dickson also figured out how to print on glass coffee tables, using Roland’s ECO-UV inks to create a scratch resistant surface that adheres strongly to the tempered glass. “The ink is on there so well, we don’t need a mirror print on the back side,” said Freeman.

Freeman appreciates the easy set up on the LEJ. “We’re very pleased with the color options and the easy operation of the LEJ,” said Freeman. “It’s much more versatile and even more robust than we expected. It keeps going all day long.”

“The LEJ’s capabilities give us new ways to satisfy our customers and keep our product line fresh and trendy,” said Freeman.