Think Creatively!

Trade shows create a unique opportunity for prospects to come to learn and customers to discover what’s new. Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to increase both brand and product awareness. Our industry helps support our customers with attention-getting designs and unique displays that are remembered long after the doors close on the trade show.

Whether companies exhibit at trade shows monthly, quarterly, or yearly, it is important to have a fresh look in the booth. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reports that you have four to six seconds to grab a passerby’s attention. This research highlights the need for exhibit designs to attract the most attention in a short amount of time.

Trade show exhibits need to constantly change since the times we live in demand it. The days of using a single table throw or pop up display are over. The most memorable and traffic-generating booths receive frequent updates to maintain attractive appearances and integrate cutting edge technology. At FASTSIGNS, our franchise partners use the latest technology available, including digital displays, textiles, and dimensional signage, to help their customers turn ordinary booths into extraordinary presentations.


Steal the Show with Digital Displays

Digital signage can greatly improve the effectiveness of a trade show booth. Digital displays in various shapes and sizes can be incorporated into booth designs. From large mounted screens viewed from a distance to stand-alone kiosks and touchscreens, digital displays drive foot traffic to the booth. Smaller displays with interesting motion and relevant messaging can keep people in the booth longer. Adding touchscreens can create opportunities for increased interaction with the display.

Regardless of the format or size, digital displays allow the user to change messages quickly and update the content to reach specific audiences or adjust to changing conditions. According to Lyle Bunn, an educator and advisor for the electronic digital signage (EDS) market, “Digital signs can target messages to certain visitor demographics. The content can make us like the brand, make us want to buy it, and enhance the environment.”

Bunn also explains, “Content can modulate the pace of people at an exit or in a stadium.” Along the same lines, digital content for trade shows can effectively modulate the flow of traffic by the booth to get messages noticed using motion. Eye-catching digital content can reach thousands of people at trade shows and is suitable for product and service promotions. Digital content can be changed every five to 15 seconds to announce specials, news, and events as part of an ongoing marketing program. The content can include photos, graphics, animations, slideshows, video, audio, and even live television feeds that require networking infrastructure.

We can create more elaborate and higher ticket designs by incorporating digital displays directly into the booth walls. The advantage of display integration within the booth is the flexibility to change the brand message and manage the content without altering the structure of the exhibit.


Smooth the Way with Textiles

Trade show booths that come alive with rich, vibrant colors and textiles make a big impression on attendees. Industry estimates are that 50 percent of trade show printing is created using fabric. In the next few years, we expect 80 percent of trade show printing to include textiles. This upward trend can be attributed to the various benefits of textiles, such as sustainability, flexibility, creativity, and lower shipping and storage costs.

Many companies use textile applications for the structure of the booth, backlit signs, eye-catching displays hanging from the ceiling, table throws, banners and backdrops. Textiles are flexible and can stretch or drape over custom shaped forms to create unique, eye-catching designs within the traditional booth space. Lightweight textiles in custom shapes can wrap around lightweight aluminum or tables or brochure stands.

Our businesses can embrace digital inkjet printing for textiles using UV, latex printers, or dye sublimation printers. The benefits of dye sublimation include the vibrant color spectrum and bright colors as well as permanently dyed and completely washable textiles and fabric. Our customers benefit from the color that is dyed into the fabric and not sitting on the surface, improving the feel of the product for trade shows.

Textiles can ship to trade shows at lower costs than vinyl or rigid materials. If textiles are folded and stored between trade shows, the graphics can be steamed to remove wrinkles. Many textiles are flame retardant, which is a requirement for many trade show venues.


Enhance Booths with Dimensional Signage

Create greater impact on the showroom floor for customers with custom shaped dimensional graphics. Drape textiles creatively, use digital signage, and add dimension to rigid graphics. Using a digital cutter, contour cut printed graphics can be created on a variety of substrates. Custom, contoured signage in shape of an image or object can help a booth space to stand apart from the rest. Use the simple rounded edge of a panel or a complex contour cut to showcase the shape of a product to gain more interest than a sign with a straight, flat edge.

Dimensional logos can be included at the top of booths by combining textiles with dimensional shapes. To improve larger displays, use custom extrusions or lightweight aluminum frames.


Imagine More Solutions for Trade Shows

Capture the attention of attendees in one of the most overlooked spaces: the floor of the booth. Floor graphics can be as simple as removable carpet graphics on vinyl to printed matting or adhesive vinyl with lamination to convey a booth theme or brand message.

Think resourcefully and extend branding and designs above the competition to the maximum height limit of the booth space. Raise messages above the rest of the crowd with custom curves, circular, triangle, or square frames. Lightweight extrusion frame structures can be suspended from the ceiling of the trade show venue to give our booths even more visibility. Imagine the impact of the company logo clearly visible from the other side of the trade show.

Think more creatively to help your customers effectively reach trade show audiences. Transform visions into booths that are both informative and memorable. Maximize the space in the booth to showcase creative designs and use highly visible displays to interact with attendees. Be a student of the effective, innovative trade booth to become more aware of the changing needs of visually savvy audiences now and in the future so you can provide greater value for your customers when you sell trade show displays and booths to them.