Compart Focuses on Customer Commincations and Quality Assurance at PRINT 13

Compart North America (Booth 549) at PRINT 113 will feature two key themes: “Enabling the Multi-Channel White Paper Factory” and “Compliance and Quality Assurance.”

“Enabling the Multi-Channel White Paper Factory” is very timely because critical customer communications are now delivered over the Internet, to mobile devices and on paper. The latest high-speed, full color inkjet presses are eliminating the need to preprint shells, making possible end-to-end production of documents in a white paper automated document factory. But this is not a simple process. Behind every document is a complex database, multiple file formats, a host of security protocols, and a stream of variables that make multi-channel communications a costly and complicated undertaking. In-plant printshops, corporate data centers, and for-profit print service providers are all seeking ways to streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Compart DocBridge Mill and Pilot are two products that help companies address these challenges.

“Compliance and Quality Assurance” is also a hot topic because of increasing state and federal regulations regarding many types of customer communications. Companies, especially those in the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries, are especially aware that seemingly minor errors in customer-facing documents can have costly legal repercussions and cause damage to treasured and established brands. This vulnerability has executives looking for ways to ensure that every document they produce goes out error free. Compart DocBridge Delta is one solution that can help companies achieve the goal of error-free customer communications.

Compart’s DocBridge technology features the capabilities and tools to help companies develop effective multi-channel white paper factories and implement fast, effective compliance and quality assurance that can provide the security companies need today.