New Solutions for Control of Humidity in Pressroom and Storage Areas

In a continuing effort to provide more economical solutions to everyday print production issues, Prisco (Booth 3502) is introducing a completely new line of humidification systems for every print production application.

An optimum relative humidity condition for most prepress, paper storage, and pressroom environments is 45-50%. Printers know that dry air causes paper to lose its natural moisture, so it risks picking up static electricity resulting in wrinkling, losing register, and causing paper feed jams. Proper humidity levels in wide-format inkjet production areas are necessary for optimum printing performance and lack of problems with media feeding. PriscoTech Humidification Systems improve the working environment, productivity, and press utilization along with product quality—and have a positive impact on profits.

PriscoTech Humidification Systems:

  • Increase productivity: Maintains optimum humidity levels for production equipment
  • Reduce paper handling problems and improves register
  • Increase worker productivity: People work best in 40-60% humidity
  • Increase consistency: Uniform humidity year round
  • Reduce air contaminants: Up to 35% lower dust levels
  • Reduce static electricity: Maintaining humidity above 45% reduces static build up
  • Reduce fire hazard: Less dust, static, and friction mean fewer potential fires.

Prisco is introducing the PriscoTech AquaMist, SpaceMist 50, SpaceMist 125, and PriscoTech Integrated Climate Control (ICC) systems. According to Andrew Douglas, President, PriscoTech Products, “Our new line of humidification systems has been developed to not only be utilized in the traditional offset market but also to meet the challenges in the growing digital area where a consistent humidified environment is critically important to high speed, quality production.”

The design of the new PriscoTech systems assures desired levels of humidity without condensation or “fallout”. All systems deliver precise amounts of water through finely engineered stainless steel spray heads and then use an air delivery system to provide a wide coverage area. This results in uniform moisture distribution and maximum absorption of the moisture within the covered area. The unique configuration produces superior results at a lower cost when compared with other humidification alternatives such as steam or compressed air.

The PriscoTech Integrated Climate Control (ICC) system is the heart of a “turnkey” humidification solution for any type or size of facility. The compact unit combines a high-pressure water pump and precise controls for water metering via a dual-zone microcontroller. Combine the ICC with one of the units below for the perfect solution for any application.

SpaceMist 50 and SpaceMist 125: The systems are capable of 360° coverage. The mist nozzles mounted on the perimeter of the circular rustproof housing create a horizontal air stream. A fan mounted just below the spray heads creates an air current which is integrated into the moist air stream enabling moisture to be carried to a larger area. This allows the SpaceMist to humidify up to five times the amount of air when compared to static spray nozzle misting systems. SpaceMist 50 covers an area up to 900 square feet while SpaceMist 125 will cover up to 3,600 square feet.

AquaMist: This system is designed for effective climate control of smaller areas with restricted height clearance. The rustproof “cannon” shaped housing and the innovative use of internal guide fins produces a strong and focused air stream, which projects the mist up to 50 feet from the unit. The AquaMist is the ideal choice for low ceiling or indoor applications.

In addition to the systems outlined above, we are also introducing the upgraded version of our existing EasyMist, called the EasyMist II.