CardXtra Impresses in Scottish University Print Department

The Print Unit within the University of Glasgow undertakes the usual wide range of print work associated with university in-plant operations. With high-quality print created on a Canon (Booth 502) ImagePRESS C6010 digital printer, everything from basic stationery to significant sized publications are produced by the small team at this campus.

“We produce a surprising amount of business cards for our schools, colleges, and institutes within the university,” says Ray Dickson, Print Unit Supervisor. “This assists the university in marketing itself while hosting and attending events around the world. Our School of Veterinary Medicine, for example, places orders for 5,000 cards at a time, and we were recently handling four separate orders for them at the same time. Imagine how long that would have taken to trim on a standard guillotine. The CardXtra, however, just sits there, virtually unattended, cranking out trimmed cards all day long.”

While the CardXtra from Morgana (Booth 3561) is the most used machine, the Morgana DocuFold Pro and AutoCreaser 33 are kept pretty busy, too. The touchscreen technology with common interface on these products has especially impressed Dickson. “While we have three full time staff, we swell our ranks at busy periods of the year with part-time operators. They come with less experience in print finishing, so the relatively simple operator interface of the Morgana folding and creasing products is a tremendous benefit.”

The Print Unit has to pay its way as a service department within the university. “We have to operate as a full-cost recovery service, which means that we have to pay for ourselves and, hopefully, record a modest surplus, too. All of the Morgana products we have purchased have certainly done that.”

The CardXtra is ideal for the on-demand environment and features the ability to take 12x19" sheets in weights up to 0.015" (approx 150-pound cover). It produces 140 business cards a minute and can also be used for postcards and other formats. It allows extremely fast setup and has quick-change rotary blades. It has pre-select programs for different cutters as well as pre-programmable memory for storing common jobs.

A recognition sensor allows the CardXtra to follow the printed image. This is achievable by printing a special mark on the sheet, the size and position of which are available on the downloadable templates. Downloadable templates are available to help the user position business cards and postcards for imposition. These are available in PDF and EPS format.