Copy General Gains Over 5% Productivity Using SpencerMetrics iDPA

Copy General operates one of the premier, high-tech digital printing facilities in the Metro Washington, DC area. Their clients include the area’s largest associations, tech companies, and universities, as well as small businesses. With a history of early technology adoption, Copy General caters to the varying demands of their customers by bringing the latest technologies to the reprographics industry.

With the increasing demand for high quality digital print jobs, Copy General added an HP Indigo 7500 press (Booth 1241). The considerable investment in a new press made maximizing their return, the ROI, a key business priority. Having general experience with digital presses, their operators were focused on getting the jobs out.

In order to get the greatest return out of any production press, the key is to use most of its operational time producing sellable, revenue-generating prints—convert every second into clicks and make every click count. Copy General realized that they were not meeting their productivity targets on the new press. They were introduced to SpencerMetrics iDPA (Booth 4741) and decided to give it a try.

With only an hour of operator training by SpencerLab, the iDPA productivity system was up and running. Copy General’s press operators tracked how the time was being spent on the press during their shift. Everything from press startup, job setup, printing, to service call, repairs, etc., was tracked on the press.

After a month of data collection, Copy General reviewed the results of the SpencerMetrics iDPA productivity analysis. The presentation of the results in simple, easy to understand, graphics quickly pinpointed the potential obstacles to productivity that needed to be addressed. With the associated quantification of these productivity bottlenecks and discussion with SpencerLab, Copy General gained the knowledge to prioritize their resources. They realized that corrective actions and targeted, additional operator training could reduce these bottlenecks and increase their productivity.

Copy General acted on the results of this analysis. After a few months, Copy General again reviewed the productivity data using the SpencerMetrics iDPA system. That analysis showed the corrective actions had translated into higher productivity—an increase of 5.4% more sellable output in the same operational time with the same staff.

For a press running at 110 ppm, seven hours per shift, two shifts per day, 250 operating days per year, with sale price of a Letter/A4 printed piece of 25 cents, additional productivity of five percent could mean up to $315,000 per year in additional revenue with associated profit—without added resources: using the same staff and time.