manroland web systems- Securing the Future at Print

“Securing the Future” is the focus of manroland web systems’ presence at Print 2013 in Chicago, September 8-12. manroland web systems will be at Booth #3143 to discuss securing the future of existing core pressroom technologies for customers through optimizing, utilizing existing infrastructures, and proactively managing service issues. Additionally, presentations will be available for printers to find out more about securing future business through flexible technological designs and increased productivity.

Service Secures Future…

…of existing presses. manroland web systems’ teams of technology experts have created pressupdate, the portfolio of solutions to keep presses running state-of-the-art through refurbishment, retrofitting, reconfiguration, or upgrades. The pressupdate program assesses the needs of individual pressrooms to respond to changing market conditions without the investment in additional capital equipment.

“Our focus is to pinpoint areas that can be proactively managed to achieve the maximum production potential,” stated manroland web systems CEO Greg Blue, “Our approach is unique in that we look at making incremental changes over time, rather than removing and reinstalling entire systems.”

Whether the customer needs a web width reduction to reduce material costs, an added color tower or plow folder upgrade for additional production flexibility, or a component upgrade to manage parts obsolescence, each need is evaluated on an individual pressroom-by-pressroom basis. “There are no cookie-cutter solutions here; however we remain committed to providing the most cost effective solutions for each specific customer need,” stated Blue.

Secure Future Business…

…with flexible production. manroland web systems’ equipment design has evolved with the print industry to provide pressrooms with innovative and ground-breaking technology configurations.

Broadsheet-to-Tabloid flexibility from manroland web systems’ Three-Around solution breathes new life into existing newspaper press equipment. The plate cylinder prints three sheets in a single revolution, rather than two, allowing up to 50% more copies per hour in non-collect runs. The Three-Around retrofit can be used to create an entirely new business model for today’s newspapers.

manroland web systems’ FoldLine and FormerLine digital finishing solutions are two of the best examples of the quality of industrial-scale design being created by manroland web systems’ engineers, based on the company’s well-known web offset modules.

FoldLine (for newspaper production) offers the options for variable Broadsheet & Tabloid sections & page numbers for personalized issues. FormerLine for book production offers variable book signatures and page numbers as well as glued book-block finishing. Both digital finishing products offer outstanding productivity, variable cut sheet separation, dynamic change of pagination and cut-off length “on-the-fly,” and full JDF/JMF-controls for setup times as low as 3 minutes with a full format change.

manroland web systems’ response to the market need for adaptability is the COLORMAN e:line. The blanket-to-blanket newspaper press allows for step-by-step expansions and format changes throughout its life, giving it the reputation as the most flexible and futureproof machine on the market.

For the Commercial Heatset and Publications markets, the name LITHOMAN has become synonymous with quality. With its 32-page signature, the LITHOMAN 32 maintains that reputation of excellence, and gives traditional 16-page printers the opportunity to increase their productivity and reduce waste.

Centered in the Newspaper Pavilion at Print 2013 in Booth #3143, manroland web systems will be presenting information about their full portfolio of both service and press products, and keeping the print industry informed about innovative approached and technologies to Secure the Future of print.