Enfocus and Ultimate Are Critical to PacRim Printer's Accelerated Move from Offset to Digital

Automation and imposition solutions from Enfocus (Booth 4743) and Ultimate Technographics (Booth 4844) are often critical elements in a consulting group’s mission to move production houses from offset to digital operations. By using Enfocus and Ultimate products, +Smart Automation and Intellapath Consulting can configure digital production hubs that utilize existing hardware and software, with no foreseeable limitations on future requirements.

As project leader, David Zwang explains in a free whitepaper released by Enfocus and Ultimate, +Smart Automation and Intellapath are able to substantially optimize printers’ existing investments.

The consultants looked at ways to utilize the PacRim book printer’s existing Novavision PrintVis ERP system, which employs JDF/JMF to streamline integration with third-party systems. However, despite the existence of a JDF/JMF standard, “every vendor usually has a slightly different implementation of the standard,” Zwang says. After several options were tested, PrintVis was integrated via an engineered connection with Ultimate imposition. “Ultimate was the only one that could get the job done,” he says.


Standard operating procedure

There are many reasons why Zwang brings Enfocus Switch to most plant optimization projects. Switch is a scalable automation solution that reduces the number of touch points associated with sorting, routing, and receiving files. It integrates with other systems through a number of built-in features. It includes support for inbound and outbound communication of production files, customer communication, and metadata.

Switch also uses configurators, which are API-driven integrators for certain third-party applications. It also supports the use of hot folders and includes a variety of scripting support options for more advanced workflow customization.

“Switch is made to connect and automate production components and operations that no one expects to be able to connect. David Zwang and his colleagues understand how Switch can be utilized, to maximize existing hardware and software and the way they can work together; effectively creating custom ‘super-solutions’,” says Elli Cloots, Enfocus Director of Product Management. “This PacRim project is a great example.”


Scalable imposition application

To maximize the level of automation to work with the existing Novavision PrintVis ERP system, and to fulfill increased volumes while accommodating a viable growth path, the team selects Ultimate’s Impostrip OnDemand Scalable imposition application.

Impostrip OnDemand Scalable’s unique architecture for load balancing allows for the addition of as many imposition engine instances as needed to support concurrent volume requirements. The automation features of Ultimate OnDemand Scalable are designed to be flexible with document attributes, and supports various imposition requirements of a mixed digital and offset production facility.

Since the initial installation, functionality has improved significantly due to the introduction of an Impostrip OnDemand configurator for Enfocus Switch.


Transition complete

The company reports great success with implementations, and is now maximizing profits and increasing growth by overcoming the challenges during its transition from offset to digital, including an increase of responsiveness to clients and reduction of production labor costs.

Zwang concludes, “This company is now able to support both current market demands as well as be prepared for future changes, with the implementation of this ‘smart’ technology.”

To download the whitepaper “Automating and Optimizing a Book Production Workflow”, visit: www.enfocus.com/resources/Enfocus-and-Ultimate-White-paper.