HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 – Helping PSPs Print with Peace of Mind

Designed to maximize the productivity of HP Indigo Digital Presses (Booth 1241) and minimize downtime, HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 is a toolset that provides fast, accurate diagnostics, troubleshooting, and maintenance tools to maintain effective operations. HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 offers on-press diagnostic and remote support tools to keep press operations on track and assist PSPs in any technical issue they may face.

With HP Indigo Print Care 2.0, PSPs experience quick, accurate diagnosis and resolution with HP service that can reduce costs and time spent troubleshooting. Quick and easy navigation is a key feature of HP Indigo Print Care 2.0. The new subsystem view saves PSPs time by consolidating all tests, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and external tools into an intuitive graphic representation of the press and offers direct activation of all operations. It then resolves print quality issues with the new Automatic Alert Agent link to Print Quality Assistant troubleshooting. The Print Quality Assistant is designed to provide a structured and guided process for troubleshooting and resolving print quality issues on HP Indigo Digital Presses. The Print Quality Assistant includes a Print Quality Defect Selection Interface and a Print Quality Troubleshooting Checklist. The Print Quality Defect Selection Interface helps PSPs correctly identify the type of print quality defect at hand through a menu of defect types with sample images and descriptions. The Print Quality Troubleshooting Checklist provides troubleshooting instructions for a specific class of print quality defects using diagnostics and a maintenance wizard to guide users through each maintenance task.

It comes with a web camera that allows the customer to share video and still images with HP remote service engineers, who can then provide real-time guidance. With new scan-and-send capabilities, HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 helps PSPs share images with remote support. Remote assistance is like working side-by-side with an expert technician who can see the printer via video and chat real-time with the press operator to reach a resolution.

HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 gives PSPs peace of mind, allowing them to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and reduce costs and waste.

“Print Care is a real game changer,” said Greg Weaver, Digital Print Manager, Communicorp. “It’s like having a permanent onsite engineer.”