NAPL Energy Program Powers Business Savings

Printing is an energy-intensive business—and we’re not talking about sales. Heating, cooling, maintaining temperature and humidity in a large workspace, and, of course, running modern electronic and electro-mechanical equipment all take a considerable amount of power. And that translates into high energy bills.

To help printers and mailers get a handle on their energy costs, the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) launched the NAPL Energy Program. In just its first year, the program is already winning praise from a growing number of graphic communications company executives enjoying significant savings in their company’s energy costs by utilizing the service, a member exclusive component of the association’s Member Advantage Discount Program. Among their comments:

“NAPL assisted us in reducing our wind energy contract pricing by more than $70,000 annually,” says Doug Hazlett, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability, Sandy Alexander Inc., Clifton, NJ.

“NAPL has not only helped us evaluate our present contract, but is monitoring the energy market for us to ensure that we will be able to get the best rate possible when it is time to renew our contract,” says Niels Winther, Managing Partner & Chairman of the Board, Think Patented, Miamisburg, OH.

“NAPL has been a trusted source and advisor for Precise Continental, researching our energy options, helping us compare contracts from a number of suppliers, and ultimately saving us thousands of dollars on our electric contract,” says Leonard Nangel, Accountant, Precise Continental Printing, Harrison, NJ.

Saving big

“We are glad to be able to help our members save big on their energy expenditures through this program, particularly during a time of tough economic challenges,” says NAPL Vice President/Member Services Dean D’Ambrosi. “The program is simple and easy to use and we can almost always find a way to meet a company’s energy needs safely, reliably, and more cost effectively.

“The program is available only to members of NAPL or the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP),” he adds, “and many find that, by using it, they can cut costs by several multiples of their annual membership dues.”

“Unlike many others who may approach businesses with promises of reduced energy costs, NAPL is not an energy supplier, so it is a completely unbiased source that members can trust,” says D’Ambrosi. “To get started, all a member needs to do is send us the last two months of the company’s energy bills. We contact his current supplier and get any other needed information, evaluate his energy needs, and assess his present supplier’s services and costs.

“Then we work with a major energy broker, Unified Energy ( of Houston, TX, which reviews offerings from more than five dozen international energy suppliers to find the most attractive deal for that company, both in terms of cost and service, even if it turns out to be his current supplier. Finally, we help negotiate the best possible terms for the member so he can lock in a great rate.

“Whenever one of our energy contracts comes up for renewal, we check with NAPL for market information we can trust,” notes Domenic Pizzanelli, Vice President Engineering/Facility Management for EarthColor Printing in Houston. “If companies decide to stay with their current supplier,” says D’Ambrosi, they will at least know that they are getting the best rate and service.

“We invite all NAPL and NAQP members to give us a call and let us perform a free energy evaluation for them at any time,” he continues, “but especially if they have an energy contract that is up for renewal in the next three to six months. This is a member benefit, there is absolutely no cost or obligation, and it is very likely that we will be able to find energy opportunities that will have a very positive effect on a member’s bottom line.”

Talent development

The Energy Program is just one of a score of money-saving opportunities available to NAPL and NAQP members through the Member Advantage Discount Program (MADP). From major manufacturer hardware and software to overdue account collections and shipping, the member exclusive MADP offerings can save members thousands of dollars each year.

And the program continues to grow. Among the newest program participants is Caliper (, which has helped thousands of companies worldwide hire, develop talent, and create an organizational culture for success.

NAPL/NAQP members enjoy special discounts from Caliper for pre-employee assessments (screening and hiring); talent development (onboarding, employee/executive/team development programs, and succession management) and corporate culture development (culture surveys and analysis).

For information on the NAPL Energy Program, Caliper, or any other MADP offering, contact Dean D’Ambrosi at 800-642-6275, ext. 6314, or, or visit