NPES Helps Members Grow Their Business in International Markets

Companies are looking to the world’s emerging economies to expand due to the slow domestic market. During the “great recession,” the U.S./North American market for print declined. It is now believed that the U.S./North American print market has stabilized, but future growth is unlikely. Therefore, printers and supplier organizations are seeking global opportunities. In recent years, the middle class in emerging markets has grown at a high speed and the markets have seen growth and expansion driven by technology and business development. Based on the explosion in the packaging industry, sales are expected to continue to grow in these markets (major countries producing packaging including Mexico, Brazil, China, and India) since both an increase in consumption and demand pushes the need for more packaging. Companies in these markets are looking to implement the latest and most advanced technologies.

To assist member companies in identifying the markets with the best potential for sales, NPES has operated an international trade program for decades. NPES has offices or representatives in Brazil, Russia, India, Japan, and China—the fastest growing markets worldwide—but also focuses on other emerging regions such as Central/Eastern Europe, Mexico/Central America, and the Middle East.

To further assist members understand the current market opportunities in Latin America and Asia, NPES will present two programs at PRINT 13 that will give an overview from the newly released World-wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry study, highlighting the global and regional trends across the printing industry. Attendees will also get to hear from experts on the package printing market in Asia and Latin America and how to participate in those fast-growing regions of the world. Asia Day took place on September 9, and Latin America Day takes place on September 11 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in Room S102. The programs begin with a networking reception that provide an excellent opportunity for PRINT 13 exhibitors to meet and develop relationships with peers from Latin America and Asia. Registration is free, but you must notify NPES of your attendance by email to Pernilla Jonsson at: The programs feature presentations by business development experts:

  • Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC
  • Danielle Jerschefske, North American Editor, Labels and Labeling
  • Ralph J. Nappi, President, NPES and GASC
  • Hamilton Costa, NPES Latin American Director

International Business Center

In addition to the Latin America Day program, the International Business Center, located in S103ab, is the epicenter for global networking at PRINT 13. The center is where the global delegations of printers from around the world congregate to plan their daily activities. It offers a comfortable environment to meet with potential international customers. Translation services are provided to assist NPES members and PRINT 13 attendees.

There will also be representatives from the U.S. Department of Commerce and EX-IM Bank to assist exhibitors with questions on tariffs, international finance, and other trade matters.

NPES is here to assist member companies succeed in the exciting, expanding global marketplace. For questions or further assistance, contact Pernilla Jonsson, NPES Assistant Director, International Trade at email: