PRIMIR 2013 Research Lineup

PRIMIR is the source of the most trusted data, analysis, and trend information about print and related communications industries through research—initiated by the industry, for the industry. PRIMIR’s research is funded by member dues and support from NPES. PRIMIR annually provides over $400,000 in research studies to its members, including relevant market statistics and detailed analysis of graphic arts and related fields. Members also benefit from meetings, market research skills building, and networking opportunities. PRIMIR members receive all studies and NPES members receive select studies.

“Emerging Printing Technologies & Applications” will provide an understanding of adjacent product markets that could utilize printing technologies to manufacture including: RFID, 3D, security applications, displays, electronic circuits, bio-sensors, and micro printing. The study will explore threats, opportunities, drivers, and barriers as well as applications in the printing industry over the next three to five years. The scope of the study is global product development with attention to those that could offer opportunities to the North American printing industry. Pivotal Resources is completing this study.

“Packaging in Emerging Markets (Latin America & Asia-Pacific)” will explore the production of industrial and consumer products in emerging markets that will likely influence many facets of the printing and packaging industry. As emerging markets experience changes in labor, materials, energy, and sustainability costs, PRIMIR anticipates there may be shifts in production within the regions or from the regions back to developed markets.

“UV/EB Curing Technologies in Printing” will investigate the application of UV and EB curing technologies in print markets and end use segments and identify the barriers, drivers, and opportunities for further adoption in North America and Europe.

“Value-Added Printing & Finishing for Improved Profitability” addresses high-end color, new finishing products and techniques, special coatings, foiling, laminating, scented inks, raised inks, brand protection and security, metallic inks, metalized substrates, stitching, die-cutting, and more. It will explore use and effectiveness of these “value-added” services and identify how brand owners incorporate them into their product advertising and packaging. It will address how utilizing these finishing opportunities can help print compete against e-technologies. Hal Hinderliter, who is completing this research for PRIMIR, will preview the research findings during the seminar titled “Value-Added Print: Boom Or Bust?” on tomorrow, September 10 at 8:30 am in Room S503ab.

In addition, PRIMIR is managing the research for an NPES-funded study, “World-Wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry,” that will be circulated to both NPES and PRIMIR members upon completion in early fall 2013.

The study builds upon a 2006 study published by PRIMIR and will provide global and regional trends across the printing industry. It will include a macroeconomic analysis for the global printing industry as well as for each country, validate existing data from previous work done in 2006 and 2009, and provide updates that size the print market, print products, and equipment, consumables and substrates by country. The study will also explore future trends and forecast industry revenues through the next five years. The Economist Intelligence Unit is engaged in conducting the research and analysis for NPES.

For information about PRIMIR research and membership, contact Jackie Bland, PRIMIR Research Director at or phone 434-589-1444. During PRINT 13 visit the NPES/PRIMIR EXCHANGE in Room S101ab.