Can 12 Large-Format Digital Printers Operate Off One Driver?

InnoMark Communications is a premier provider of innovative visual merchandising solutions. They offer a unique and completely integrated approach to creative design, production, fulfillment, and distribution of merchandising projects. The company operates from a 32,000 sqft facility with state-of-the art digital equipment as well as an experienced team of digital printing experts. “InnoMark is a full service corporation that includes everything from concept and design through fulfillment. Processes include digital, offset, litho, flexo, screen, we are also able to do die-cutting. Everything on the job from inception to completion,” explains Mark Long, Digital Manager at InnoMark.

Their digital printing equipment includes the latest large-format printing equipment from HP (Booth 1241) such as three HP FB 7600 digital presses, a HP Scitex XP 5500 grand format printer which produces flexible material printing up to 196" wide, two HP Scitex FB 700 flatbed printers which provide unrivaled versatility for short-run graphic applications, and the HP LX 850 latex printer which represents the latest in sustainable ink technology. Additional digital equipment includes HP Indigo 5500, Kodak Nexpress 2500 (Booth 3187), two Inca UV flatbeds, and a Roland (Booth 4274) NexPress print-and-cut solvent printer.

All of these machines are driven through the GMG (Booth 4837) ProductionSuite workflow software, which guarantees the best possible output on each machine, matching colors over the different machines and substrates. Next to that it also provides a standardized prepress environment which ensures fast and reliable turnaround times in prepress.

GMG ProductionSuite has played an essential role in the tremendous growth that InnoMark’s digital department has seen. “At InnoMark GMG ProductionSuite has been instrumental in our success in the digital division,” says Long. GMG ProductionSuite has helped them keep turnaround times short, yet achieving above standard quality and consistency in the products they make. The powerful prepress tools of the editor and the unified RIP engine has meant a reduction of more than 50% of time spent in prepress and RIP.

Another important fact is that InnoMark uses GMG ColorProof to create a standards compliant proof of every job that goes through prepress.

This proof then accompanies the job through the various steps of the process, whether it is a job printed digital, offset or even flexo. “At InnoMark proofing is an important part of our process. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality to our clients. Therefore, we use GMG ColorProof. We make proofs that we match to all of our digital equipment,” emphasizes Long.

Recently InnoMark also implemented GMG ColorServer with InkOptimizer for their litho work. This allows them to print to the standards even easier, while saving ink and reduce press makeready time, at the same time.

Using the various GMG color management software means that InnoMark can deliver the highest quality products, with consistent quality and with the shortest turnaround times. Long comments: “InnoMark handles large campaigns that require us to use multiple forms of output including screen, litho, and/or digital. What we have to do as far as color management goes is ensure that all these different types of output wind up looking the same in the end so that the customer has a consistent look across their store, regardless of how the product is produced. And that’s what InnoMark is capable of, thanks to the GMG solutions.”