Commercial Printer Expands Services Portfolio with Digital Press Technology

Diversifying product and solution portfolios is an excellent way to not only grow an organization’s customer base, but also create new revenue streams.

To remain competitive in the local market, commercial printer Hesston Prestige Printing decided to offer color yearbook printing at a competitive price to local schools and universities. A longtime Konica Minolta (Booth 518) customer, Hesston was evaluating Konica Minolta production print technologies around the same time that the next-generation bizhub PRESS Digital Presses were introduced. Needing to deliver high-quality color output at fast speeds and with the necessary finishing options to meet the demands of this new client base, Hesston selected a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000 to meet these requirements and further improve output quality.

Time and Cost Savings as Added Benefits

Hesston has not only broadened its services portfolio since purchasing the bizhub PRESS C7000, but the print house has also realized extensive time and cost savings. The digital press allows Hesston to offer yearbook printing with higher quality, and at a more reasonable price to Kansas area schools, while also improving its overall productivity with enhanced stock and speed capabilities. Additionally, Hesston selected Konica Minolta’s custom-designed IC-601 Internal Print Controller to bring powerful workflow benefits, including 1200 dpi printing at full rated engine speed, high-speed RIP processing, and color management functions.

Hesston’s print volume doubled in just one year with the bizhub PRESS C7000 and the new capabilities have allowed the print house to expand its business in another new direction—absorbing overflow work from nearby print shops. The Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000 allows Hesston to tackle the high-volume jobs that area printers are unable to complete without compromising quality.

A year after purchasing the bizhub PRESS C7000, Hesston was again looking to further expand its print fleet as a result of growing print volumes. The company determined that the KIP C7800 Wide Format Color Printer would be a great addition to their fleet. Handling everything from architectural, engineering and construction documents to maps, posters and signs, the KIP C7800 maintains speed, quality, and accuracy in order to offer even more functionality than competitive print houses in the area. Running high-speed, dry toner wide output on the KIP C7800 allows Hesston Prestige Printing the fastest turnaround and lowest operating cost in the area.

With the bizhub PRESS C7000 and newly purchased KIP C7800, Hesston has expanded its business more than anticipated and continues to remain the leading print house in the area. Konica Minolta’s customer service representatives and technicians have been key factors in ensuring that Hesston has very little downtime so they can maintain their commitment to fast, high-quality output.