SmartSoft Showcases Automation Solutions at PRINT 13

In Booth 4640 SmartSoft will be showing the latest enhancements to their all-in-one Web-to-print/MIS/workflow automation solution PressWise. These include more robust job scheduling features, new tools to enable more detailed job costing, and a suite of new reporting tools that will provide shop owners and managers with greater insight across areas such as sales, financial management, and profitability analysis.

Additionally, with the clock ticking on the implementation by the USPS of new Full Service Mailing rules in early 2014, SmartSoft will be showing mailers how they can lower their mailing costs, and qualify for automation rates, using their certified mailing software products.

These include their TEM-Certified Mail.dat module for SmartAddresser 5, which provides full IM barcode support, as well as providing all the PAVE Certified presorts required by professional mailers to maximize their postal discounts.

They will also be showing the latest enhancements to their direct mail tracking service MailSpotter, which was launched at last year’s GRAPH EXPO. A standalone service accessed through a browser, MailSpotter lets you track customers’ mailings as they move through the postal system, taking raw USPS scan data and turning it into easy to read charts and tables, accessed through your own custom-branded reporting portal for sharing with your customers. With so much information at their fingertips, they’ll soon wonder how they ever ran direct mail campaigns without you and your mail tracking service.

SmartSoft is offering a number of free trials of MailSpotter to PRINT 13 attendees. For a demo of MailSpotter, SmartAddresser, or PressWise, or to request a free MailSpotter trial account, visit Booth 4640 or go to