Eliminate the Silo Effect

To survive in the print market, most printers have implemented a combination of software systems such as Web storefronts, print MIS, workflow automation tools, direct mail software, and more. However, once these are in place, another problem often emerges—the “silo effect”.

Transferring order information from one piece of software to another, as well as to other systems such as accounting, often requires multiple rekeying of data, which can be time-consuming and costly. The silo effect can occur in a simple order—from creating and revising quotes for a customer, writing up the order and change order, relaying proofs to your client, generating a job ticket, scheduling, imposing, and more—all of these take time. You can lose money even before the order goes to production!

By implementing a single unified, end-to-end solution—such as PressWise by SmartSoft (Booth 4640)—you can create an automated workflow from multiple sources that lets you process an entire job with minimal human touches.

Sales reps, CSRs, or even customers can generate quotes (with support for custom pricing tables), which are then turned into electronic job tickets which flow with your orders through the PressWise system without the need for rekeying data.

This flow of job information can help you eliminate the silo effect within your organization. Intelligent dashboards and features such as electronic job ticketing, self-quoting, auto-impositioning, and auto-batching eliminate touches and time-consuming manual intervention.

What this means for you:

Fewer touchpoints mean a more efficient use of resources and increased throughput

Greater workflow transparency and accountability

Reduces human error

Improves responsiveness

Lets you run a greater variety of jobs, including shorter run jobs that were once unprofitable

Provides adaptability & scalability

Ties together existing applications into a more centralized system, increasing their overall ROI


Greater profitability!

So take a look at where the silos are in your workflow and see how an all-in-one print shop management system such as PressWise can eliminate these silos and increase both your productivity and profitability.