Why SaaS? Because We Both Benefit: A Vendor’s Perspective

Smartsoft (Booth 4640) built PressWise as a cloud-based software-as-a-service MIS/workflow automation system because we believe it is the best model for building long-term partnerships with our customers, based on a mutual respect for each other’s’ business. Working in the cloud we have the power to deploy updates and enhancements organically and with greater efficiency to our customers.

The traditional model created takes time to roll out enhancements and new features, and given today’s ever-changing business landscape we want to get updates and upgrades to our customers faster, in order to improve their workflow, throughput, and ultimately profitability. Response times to requests are shorter, and the cloud gives us the flexibility to scale our service in response to customer demand.

Besides the lower upfront costs of an SaaS model vs. a traditional MIS system, our customers benefit in many other ways too:

Faster implementation

We set up their servers and prep their PressWise system for them, loaded with dozens of product templates, finishing tasks, and even pricing so they can get up and running quicker. We also provide a wealth of online “learn at your own pace” training tools including a video learning center library and an extensive knowledge base. Implementation specialists with years of print industry experience are there to help new customers hit the ground running, so they can start reaping the benefits of their new system and reach a positive ROI quicker.

Ongoing product enhancements

We do not charge upgrade fees when a new version is released, so customers are never stuck with an out-of-date software system until they pay catch-up maintenance fees—they always have access to the latest tools and features. We also encourage customer suggestions and feedback as we continue to improve our service and grow with the needs of the PressWise community. In fact, some of our features started out as requests from customers asking us to help them overcome a particular challenge.

Lower IT costs

Since we provide all the hosting technology and maintain PressWise on our servers, we bear the costs to maintain the system. There’s no need for customers to buy expensive hardware and retain dedicated IT resources—we’ve got that covered! Some larger customers with a dedicated IT staff may sometimes prefer to host in-house, and in these cases we do offer a self-host version of PressWise that is set up by us as a virtual private cloud within their network.

Less risk

Since PressWise is offered on a monthly basis with no long term contracts, customers aren’t left with an expensive hole in their pocket if things don’t work out. Plus, by avoiding a large upfront purchase cost, customers find that they reach a positive ROI much quicker.

Flexibility and scalability

If our customers find their business growing and they need more bandwidth or server space, we take care of that—it’s all included in the service.

Access and visibility

PressWise is browser-based, so it is accessed from any place, any time, so customers always have shop floor and order information right at their fingertips.

We made the decision to provide the all-in-one PressWise MIS/Web-to-print/Workflow Automation system as a cloud-hosted service because we believe the printing community needs a workflow solution that will keep up with their business in real time, while being mindful of the investment—both in time and dollars—needed to launch and support critical business software. Our customers agree and will happily explain why, too. Come to Booth 4640 to find out more.