Changing the Workflow Channel

Adjacent to The Marketing Pavilion, Transformations, Inc. (Booth 4921) is demonstrating its software designed for the PSPs, enterprise mailers, and fulfillment providers.

Suited for the transactional print market, Uluro is a continuous flow of interconnected solutions optimizing the process of data receipt, document composition, address management, production, tracking, and complete multichannel delivery in an automated workflow. Supporting personalization of print, email, Web, fax, and SMS text messaging with fully integrated bill payment options, it can transition a traditional mailer to a full business outsource provider with online presentment and payment with full mobile and tablet support. Warehousing and fulfillment modules also provide full warehouse management, order entry, order picking, and shipping of orders.

Two of Transformation’s Uluro products are MUST SEE ’EMS Award winners: uDeliver and uSecure.


Multichannel delivery

The world of communication is changing faster than ever. Just offering printed mail seems as far away as hunters drawing pictures on cave walls to communicate a message. Clients and their customers are looking for faster quicker access to data. While highly personalized print is still a great medium for delivering highly valuable information, the ability to deliver a message through multiple channels is strategic in any marketing campaign.

Uluro has introduced the uDeliver suite that extends the ability to deliver through multiple channels. It offers SMS text messaging, IVR options, and HTML customizable email to extend the ability to communicate beyond the already existing means of email, fax, printed mail, and electronic document presentation on the Web. Messages can be sent to tablets, smartphones, home phones, or traditional computers. Let end customers reveal their preferred means of communication.


Security product uses UXP from SertintyONE

Shattering old ideas and legacy work flows while reinventing data protection, Uluro uSecure is leading a paradigm shift. Gone is the fortress mentality of firewalls and supposedly secure data silos. uSecure embeds the protection protocol within each file so data is never left unprotected, even if a file is copied or stolen. This game changing technology keeps you in complete control of your data throughout its lifespan. In addition, it provides a complete audit trail detailing who has had access to your data and of any changes that have been made. With security of paramount importance, it’s time to reinvent data protection.