Garrison Printing's Order Entry Gets a New Facelift

For nearly 50 years Garrison Printing Company, a Pennsauken, NJ-based family-owned commercial printer, has delivered high quality products while building strong relationships with clients. In fact, the company’s first customer is still its largest client, nearly 50 years later. Garrison’s 35 employees do what they can to give clients everything they could possibly want on each job. They operate two offset presses—a six-color and a two-color. They also have a digital press.

Garrison realized that they needed to be more efficient with their time and needed to communicate better with each other. Their people are still creating estimates with pen and paper, and they were built using calculators. “All estimates have been handwritten—copies are made for the sales rep, CSR, and bookkeeper. That just took a lot of time,” says Danny Garrison, Jr., Chief Information Officer, Garrison Printing Co., Inc. “We were looking for new technology to speed up production. We also figured that having a digital system that archived everything we did would make it easier for record keeping and searching old jobs for information.”

Dan Sr., Garrison’s President of Operations, searched for a solution that would not be “out of the box”. Other systems tended to be more expensive and did not offer a custom, tailored feel. They were looking for a solution that would be comfortable, so that it would not be a huge jump for the estimating staff. They found Facelift by Hybrid Software (Booth 5145) to be the perfect solution for them—one that could be customized. It is not a stock program and could be custom tailored to what Garrison wanted.

Garrison has been using Facelift for a year, focusing their efforts on developing estimate templates. These estimates then populate a digital job ticket, which all departments can refer to and save time. Rather than re-typing information to a hard job ticket, everyone is able to print out the job ticket and pass it around. “This saves at least a solid 15 minutes, and very likely more, per job,” assesses Garrison. “If there is a job change, we currently need to find all our job tickets, change all of them, and inform everyone what the change is. Facelift provides a way around that.”

Garrison recently started to train our staff and go online with estimates. “Once they get used to it, we will really speed things up. It will make locating estimates for jobs significantly easier,” says Garrison. If they need to, estimators can refer to a previous job as reference for a new job. In fact, Garrison is finding that with Facelift, estimates are so accurate that they may be used as the basis for the company’s billing.

“We have also invested in Frontdesk, a customer interface that ties into Facelift. We will use it to allow customers to place orders for stock items that are in inventory. We are currently at the beginning stages of migrating our MIS system to QuickBooks Pro. We intend to integrate Facelift with this MIS system to manage accounts and billing,” comments Garrison. “Our biggest future plan will be to integrate Hybrid Software’s Proofscope for online PDF proof approvals. It will make proofing for clients easier. They can edit changes in real time, and also provide a quick, online OK to go to press.”

“I believe Facelift offers a smart approach to automate our administrative work in production, and is going to deliver increased speed and productivity,” concludes Garrison. “It will do this without disrupting the way we do things.“