Colornet Press Achieves High-Quality Perfect Binding in the Short Run

Founded in 1989, Colornet Press, Los Angeles, caters to the crème de la crème of print buyers—mostly high-end ad agencies, design firms, and the brands they represent. “Therefore, everything that we do here has to be done totally professionally. It cannot be anything less than that,” says Nick Nejad, President.

The pressroom at Colornet Press is well equipped with a stable of both offset and digital technologies, including Indigo presses. While the print service supplier has invested well in its print solutions, for many years the process of perfect binding was outsourced. And some of that work—high-volume jobs—will continue to be outsourced to those partners. But for short-run perfect binding jobs, Colornet Press brought that capability in-house.

“The finishing is where we’re very meticulous,” Nejad explains. “That’s where a lot of things can go wrong right at the end, which is a disaster. Therefore, we want to control as much of our bindery right here, under strict supervision.”

Nejad had high expectations for a short-run perfect binder. He wanted the same quality as he was getting from his partners, which he says were some of the best binderies in the area. “We went looking for a machine that could achieve the same thing, but for short-run. I have been waiting for a technology that can do that for a long time,” Nejad recalls, “and the name Standard Horizon stood out.”

News about the debut of the Standard Horizon BQ-280PUR Perfect Binder piqued Nejad’s curiosity, so he connected with local Standard Finishing Systems’ (Booth 1902) dealer, America’s Best.

“When I saw the information on this machine, my eyes sparkled. The key here was taking the Standard Horizon single-clamp machine and marrying it with a PUR gluing system. When Standard Horizon manufactured these together, I said, ‘I’ve got to check this out!’ We were not only the first installation in Los Angeles, but in the entire U.S. Now, I would never usually be the first to install anything, but I had confidence in this because I knew of Standard Finishing Systems’ reputation. And the results are wonderful,” Nejad notes.

The Standard Horizon BQ-280PUR affords print suppliers simple operation with touchscreen control and environmentally friendly PUR glue. An automated sensor-activated digital caliper system ensures consistent measurement of book block thickness every time. Operators need only to input book-block and cover information for quick setup—or call up any of the 200 job presets that may be stored and secured in the memory.

“We knew it would pay for itself in a very short time, but what’s more important is what it really brings to us in terms of service and capability,” Nejad remarks. “I had no idea that six months later, we’d think, ‘How could we do without this?’ The answer is, I don’t know how.”

Nejad notes that the new binding solution will also support longer run jobs.

“Sometimes we may need to produce quantities of 5,000 to 10,000, which we’d bind outside. However, the customer may need a short turnaround, because they may need 50 copies for a show or a meeting. Well, we can buy ourselves a little time and produce 50 books, because I can take my signatures for 50 books and bind them here, and there will be no difference in the quality. This is definitely a great investment,” Nejad surmises.