Gilson Graphics Installs Fujifilm Colorpath Sync Solution to Manage Color on J Press 720 And J Press Web

Gilson Graphics, a Grand Rapids, MI-based commercial printer, recently installed Fujifilm’s (Booth 1218) ColorPath Sync color management solution to work with the Fujifilm J Press 720 and J Press Web. In 2011, Gilson Graphics was the first U.S. printer to install the J Press 720.

Founded as Gilson Press Inc. in 1948, Gilson Graphics operates across three facilities, including a state-of-the-art fulfillment and digital print facility, and serves clients throughout the U.S. Its services run the gamut and include design, composition, print production and management, literature fulfillment, kit building and assembly, point-of-sale production and implementation, and direct mail. The printer is known for its ongoing investments in the latest industry technologies.

ColorPath Sync Align and DLP options are the most advanced color management and gray balance calibration tools available. The cloud-based color management solution aligns output devices to neutral gray using the G7 methodology as well as “Digital devices” utilizing the high quality “Optimized” Device Link Profile technology. ColorPath Sync Align incorporates iterative color correction resulting in industry leading color accuracy. Its easy-to-use interface synchronizes and ensures consistent color across multiple output devices, media, printing conditions, and locations. The ColorPath Sync DLP solution is used for the color management of every Fujifilm J Press throughout Europe and North America. The J Press 720 is a high-quality, sheetfed inkjet press. The versatility of the half-size equipment enables it to handle short and long print runs alike with unprecedented quality, productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and environmental performance.

Using the new ColorPath Sync solution platform, Gilson Graphics works with a local university to produce a high-profile Faculty Awards Program, on Sappi Opus stock. Before integrating Fujifilm’s color management solution, Gilson could not ensure the necessary color matching results. Appropriate press calibrations that previously took a full business day to institute can now be done within two hours in order to meet the customer’s high expectations. The very demanding annual project requires the highest quality at a good price. With the abilities ColorPath Sync provides to fine tune paper and color particulars to the defined specification, Gilson now has a competitive advantage that can help retain the business on an ongoing basis.

“In the past, it was a long process to get settings just right and we repeatedly had to rely on the previous software manufacturer or reseller for support, often receiving conflicting advice. Now Fujifilm takes care of the heavy lifting and helps us manage settings for accurate and consistent output,” says Randy Warren, quality assurance manager at Gilson Graphics. “Because ColorPath Sync is a Web-based solution, we do not have to buy and maintain software licenses. It is an easy solution to integrate and work with, and while we currently only use it for our J Press devices, we plan to expand it to manage our other conventional presses.”