Data-Mail Delivers Campaigns with Confidence – and Canon Solutions America

Customers drive the transition to new technology at Data-Mail, and that was the case when a credit card company needed one million variable color mailers in market within four weeks. The sophisticated loyalty program featured variable offers based upon recipients’ purchase and response history, and the affinity partners required that their color logos accompany the offers on each mailer.

Direct mail clients have advanced databases that enable them to target their message to individuals, but they’ve been doing it in monochrome. Now that print technologies have caught up with the market requirement for cost-effective color variable printing, demand for these campaigns has accelerated.

Today at Data-Mail, almost 100% of their print jobs are personalized; 10% of their mail utilizes variable color imaging—clearly their biggest growth opportunity. “The reality with Océ (Canon Solutions America) (Booth 502) is that they are proven, understand our industry, and do it when they say they’re going to do it,” says Bruce Mandell, President, Data-Mail.

After considering all the major players, Data-Mail partnered with Océ, now Canon Solutions America, to design a solution that would meet their immediate client program requirements while serving the company’s longerterm plans to fuel their variable color imaging business.

In the Océ JetStream 2200, they found the perfect feature set—production class speed and excellent quality at the right cost basis—and peace of mind that the solution was already in the market with a proven record for running similar applications.

In addition to the hardware solution, Canon Solutions America worked directly with Data-Mail and installed Océ PRISMA for workflow management. Data-Mail quickly realized the advantage of Océ PRISMA in managing workflow independent of the output technology. That flexibility and the resulting cost and time efficiencies can also be found in Océ hardware with the ability to run simplex, duplex, and specialty applications like MICR on the same press—a breakthrough in the production printing industry.

Data-Mail is running up to a million letter images a day on the Océ JetStream 2200 across three shifts and is very satisfied with their choice—uptime has been excellent and the quality has met their clients’ expectations. Mandell says, “The Océ JetStream has definitely met our expectations, and more importantly, it is meeting our clients’ expectations.”

Data Mail benefits from true white paper in, finished product out with the Océ JetStream and PRISMA digital printing solution because color variable data and images are streamlined into one workflow. This “white paper workflow” has provided Data-Mail’s clients with faster time to market, given their variable data campaigns no longer require preprinted shells or plate changes. Improved ROI is another key benefit, as Data-Mail’s clients test color variable data against monochrome and continue to choose color for the majority of their campaigns.

What began as a search for technology that would meet the needs of one major client has resulted in a service offering that allowed Data-Mail to reach beyond their traditional printer heritage. As a marketing solution provider, they now work closely with their clients to create multi-channel campaigns. Mandell knows that Data-Mail can meet their customers’ marketing needs and is delighted to tell them they can add all the color and variables they want to a page. “Basically you’re telling your clients: ‘dream up whatever you like in color and use as much variable as you like on that page’.”