Mifflin Press and Canon Solutions America – A Study in Being an Educated Consumer

Mifflin Press is a woman-owned commercial printing company that operates in three locations within central Pennsylvania: Lancaster City, York City, and Columbia. Mifflin Press does both four-color offset printing and digital printing, and has a rich history as a family owned and run business for nearly 40 years. Their expertise in professional printing is well respected.

When it was time for Mifflin Press to bring in a new color digital press, they developed their own stringent testing process to evaluate several different machines. This approach ultimately led them to selecting a Canon Digital Press from Canon Solutions America (Booth 502).

The testing process that Mifflin Press implemented was conducted in two stages. The first stage was geared toward answering the question, “Can the digital press give us near four-color offset quality?” To test this, they used the files from a monthly four-color magazine they printed and had the job run on four different brands of machine. The resulting product was reviewed by six Mifflin Press employees, including their graphic designer and press operator. It was a blind test, so the judges had no idea which machine had produced which printouts.

Looking to see which image quality most closely approached the look and feel of offset, they unanimously selected the Canon imagePRESS C6010. This was the most important item on Mifflin Press’s list, and Canon had scored 10 out of 10 points.

In the second stage of the testing process, they asked the question, “How does this press handle problems we’ve experienced before?” So they compiled a list of 10 items, such as speed and how the machine handled larger sheets and heavy stock, and weighted each one on a scale of 1-10. Ray Creveling, Digital Press Manager & Operator for Mifflin Press, designed a file that contained text and images from actual customer jobs that had presented them with challenges in the past. They wanted to see how the presses handled details such as fine etchings on crystal, people’s faces, solid block color, and fine-line text. Mifflin Press supplied the stock in order to make an equal comparison. During this stage, they were evaluating not just the images but other features such as front-to-back registration and how the toner would hold up when the paper was creased and folded. They also ran about 1,000 prints in order to gauge whether or not the output was consistent from both an image quality and front-to-back registration standpoint.

John Conway, General Manager of Mifflin Press, says, “These tests flipped me around. I actually went into this biased toward another vendor’s machine, but Canon really blew me away.” The decision was a consensus among the judges. The Canon imagePRESS C6010 would be the new color digital press for Mifflin Press.

The growth in the color digital print segment of the market that Mifflin Press has realized has been enhanced by their relationship with Canon Solutions America. Combining Mifflin Press’s decades of experience and industry knowledge with the service and quality of Canon Solutions America has resulted in a strong partnership that will help both companies move forward and continue to grow.