Telepathic Graphics Supports Business Expansion with Technology and Services from Canon Solutions America

Telepathic Graphics, located in Raleigh, NC, specializes in digital printing, offset printing and offset bindery, graphic design and website design/development, mail house services and fulfillment, and large-format banners and posters. They recently partnered with Canon Solutions America, Inc. (Booth 502) to increase their print services through a major capital investment in hardware as well as a new solution that integrates into their existing :Apogee workflow.

Bob Boyle, Chief Telepath at Telepathic Graphics, says, “We built the business on the back of the Canons,” referring to two Canon digital presses that they already owned. “When it came time to add to our fleet, we didn’t just go with what we knew, we did a lot of research.”

That extensive search led them to Canon Solutions America, who could supply them with the digital presses they needed to grow their business, and also had the knowledge needed to work with them to develop a unique solution to create a hybrid workflow of offset and digital. “Canon Solutions America had the capabilities and quality that no other vendor could offer,” says Boyle. They pledged to help Telepathic Graphics maintain their intense focus on the customer, and uphold the principle of providing “quality product in a timely manner.”

The first component of Telepathic Graphics’ expansion was the addition of three Canon imagePRESS 7010VP digital presses. These digital presses produce the near-offset quality that they were looking for, while also being the workhorses they needed. They bought these machines with the projected (and subsequently realized) estimation of using them 20 hours a day, five to six days a week. In just the first four weeks, they generated over 1.4 million clicks between the three new machines—and they’re still going strong.

The second component was more complicated, and where Canon Solutions America clearly excelled. The two companies worked in partnership to achieve a unique solution for combining offset and digital work, streamlining the printer’s process to create an “input once, output to many” environment.

David Fries, Major Account Executive at Canon Solutions America, coordinated the necessary resources in order to do a full assessment and work toward the development of the solution that would integrate the existing :Apogee system to create a seamless workflow to the imagePRESS. This is critical to Telepathic Graphics’ business, to support their motto of “on time, every time”.

The efficiency of the new machines and workflow became evident immediately. For example, a mailer of 17,000 pieces, 9x16", with complex finishing requirements would typically be run offset and take three to four days. Utilizing the Canon imagePRESS 7010VP digital presses, they were able to finish the job in 16 hours. Boyle says, “We’re just getting started on what the possibilities are for even more improvements to our system.”

Through all of these efforts, Telepathic Graphics is moving toward a digital-on-demand methodology. They have expanded their capabilities, but kept overhead expenses level—due to the ease of use, the same staff they had in place could easily manage the increased production. Telepathic Graphics is continuing to build on its reputation as a single source for marketing design, printing, binding and mailing services, with the help and support of Canon Solutions America.