The Evolution of a Print Shop – Digital is In, Traditional is Out

The printing industry is changing – there are no doubts about that. Printed materials are being replaced by digital versions, laptops; smartphones are replacing books and brochures, and products are being sold online as much as they are in big box stores. For printers, this poses a problem and an opportunity. A decline in traditional printing equals lack of revenue and the need to differentiate services, invest in new technology and seek out new customers. The answer to this problem is Digital Packaging. While demand for printed materials is decreasing, the packaging market is exploding. Luckily for printers, the need for packaging will never go away because it cannot be digitized.

What is driving this growth in digital Packaging? The brand owners. Brand owners and retailers are constantly fine tuning their marketing and product messaging to keep their products fresh and avoid stagnant consumer spending. This is the reason that SKUs are being creating at such an explosive rate. SKU proliferation is not just an industry term, it is a reality. This shift has created the need for reduced inventories, lower running costs, enhanced customization and the ability to complete shorter runs at faster speeds.

So, how do you compete? The Graphium, manufactured by FFEI in the UK, and solely distributed in North America by Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division (Booth 1218), offers printers a solution to the dilemma, an alternative to flexo and screen printing of short- to medium-run four-color labels and decals up to 16” wide. The Graphium represents a new caliber of inkjet press designed specifically for the narrow web market and it will change how printers work.

Graphium takes its name from a genus of swallowtail butterflies, whose coloration is as vibrant as the habitats they frequent. During their life they represent a truly stunning transformation – one echoed by Graphium’s conversion of digital files into high quality labels, packaging, and specialty print.