Document Integrity and Beyond!

Getting the job done on time is one thing, but getting the job done right is quite another. Today, print requires shorter runs, more changeovers, and higher levels of personalization to remain profitable. With these demands comes a greater chance for error. Typical quality control protocols for document finishing may have once been sufficient for static, long-run print jobs, but no longer provide the necessary level of security—and never offered any kind of audit trail or tracking.

In light of recent privacy protection laws, items containing personal data, especially when combined with financial and health information, must be documented as far as their assembly and final routing.

Fortunately, new technology has surfaced to address the growing need for inline verification, inspection, and integrity analysis. One example is Standard’s (Booth 1902) VIVA technology, which is an automated, camera-based integrity and inspection system used on Standard Horizon bookletmakers, saddle-stitchers, perfect binders, and folders as well as Standard KAS envelope inserters. VIVA is the most state-of-the-art complement to any document finishing environment, providing quality control, tracking, end-to-end system control, and reporting for personalized document production.

Using VIVA technology, companies can comply with new privacy requirements. The software can also ensure that every non-sensitive piece has been correctly printed and assembled—reducing waste and guaranteeing accuracy for all work completed in the bindery. For example, in the perfect binding area, the system can verify proper signature order at the stacking section, book block and cover matching on the perfect binder, and perform a final check at the trimmer. The software can also perform sheet and set-level integrity checking during booklet production or verify the order of signatures in the folding process. VIVA will stop production immediately on static work if sheet or cover replenishment was done improperly, verifiable print areas are missing, or other common operational errors are identified. VIVA supports virtually any symbology (OCR, OMR, and most 1D and 2D barcodes) for complete flexibility.

The growth of digital color print has also sparked the development of camera-based web inspection technologies which capture high resolution images of the full web width to verify integrity of each page on a printed roll. The Standard Hunkeler WI6 offers full quality inspection in monochrome or color in both simplex and duplex versions for up to 22" web feed systems. (The WI7 version provides identical technologies for web widths up to 40".) These systems provide continuous digital print quality assurance for mass mailing, print on demand, and variable data applications. Print and integrity problems are immediately detected so incorrect documents can be automatically diverted and instantly reprinted. The system can perform up to 50 different checks on print quality such as the detection of ink spills or blank streaks, verification of barcodes or postal codes, and image quality inspection.

In Booth 1902, Standard is demonstrating its VIVA suite of inspection systems on perfect binders, saddle-stitchers, and sheet feeders, and its Hunkeler WI6 Web Inspection product on a roll-to-fold line with dynamic perfing.