Looking to Become a Master of the Craft? Check Out IDEAlliance’s Slate of Programs

IDEAlliance is hosting a Workflow Pavilion, where attendees can discover best practices and critical technologies in how to effectively create, manage, and distribute content for multi-channel media production and distribution.

The Workflow Pavilion will also host a series of events. September 8 is the G7 Summit, entitled “G7 Process Control: The Key to Multi-Channel Color Consistency”. On September 9, attend the Printing Standards Forum, “Establishing a Quality Baseline with Print Standards”, which will precede an IDEAlliance VIP Reception. September 10 will see the Spectrum Conference, “Content Integration: Bridging Print & Digital”. Technology Demonstrations of “Innovating Tools and Technology Highlights” will be held September 11. Meanwhile, September 12 will be reserved for networking at the Workflow Pavilion.

IDEAlliance is also introducing at PRINT 13 the Integrated Media Workflow Lab within the pavilion, open September 8-12, and showcasing integrated workflow technologies and processes for multi-channel media production and distribution.

The 6th annual G7 Summit runs today, Sunday, from 1:00–4:00 pm in Booth 4877 in McCormick Place. Free to all PRINT 13 attendees, the Summit is designed for certified G7 and G7 process control experts, professionals and personnel of Master Qualified facilities, along with anyone interested in learning what’s new with G7 and process control training programs.

G7 is an international specification (TR015) for achieving consistent gray balance in color reproduction across a wide range of proofing, digital, and printing processes. The IDEAlliance G7 programs train print service providers and professionals how to excel in meeting the needs of brand owners by achieving color consistency across multiple platforms and devices. At the G7 Summit, color management and workflow experts share what’s new with G7 as well as how printers are finding success with G7 programs.

Sessions include: “What’s new with GRACoL & SWOP: Introducing GRACoL 2013”, “G7 & Flexo”, “Screen, Ink Jet & G7: How standards plus G7 makes printers money”, “G7 Color Space and ISO 15339 Parts I & II”, and “G7 of the (Near) Future.”


September 9 Forum

On September 9, IDEAlliance is hosting the Printing Standards Forum: “Establishing a Quality Baseline with Print Standards”. This annual event, which costs $39 for members, brings together the leading experts involved in developing and publishing groundbreaking specifications and standards. Sessions, which run from 10:30 am– 5:00 pm, are focused on helping printing companies improve their return on technology investment.

An IDEAlliance VIP reception follows, from 5:00-6:30 pm.

IDEAlliance recently surpassed a milestone 1,000 print service providers actively qualified in its G7 Master Facility Qualification Program. There are nearly 600 active certified G7 Experts.

For more info on IDEAlliance’s PRINT 13 events, go to www.idealliance.org/workflow-at-print13#group-event-overview.