GREENspace-Go Green in the Pressroom

The GREENspace pavilion at PRINT 13, sponsored by Graphic Design USA, allows attendees to discover what it means to “go green” in this single source show floor section devoted to eco-friendly products, services, and education focused on sustainability.

From paper and substrates, recycling services, inks, and consumables to carbon credits, certification programs, energy efficiency, alternate sources of energy, and waste reduction services, attendees can find everything they need to “go green” with confidence. In addition to the exhibitors in GREENspace, there are free education seminars, complimentary one-on-one consulting with sustainability experts, and access to a wide array of products and services.


Highlights from the floor

Exhibitors in GREENspace will offer attendees a variety of products and services to help them to “go green” within their facilities.

ACTEGA Kelstar (Booth 558) regards the continuous development of sustainable and customer-oriented products, processes, and services as a particular responsibility. The Graphic Arts business line is the leading manufacturer of water-borne and UV-curable overprint varnishes and effect lacquers, adhesives, and printing inks for the graphic arts industry for applications on paper, paper board, and plastics.

American Ultraviolet (Booth 858) has been creating effective UV curing solutions since 1960 for processes that use UV curable chemistries such as inks, coatings, and adhesives. American Ultraviolet’s Aetek UV System division, and Lesco UV Division (original creator of the Green Spot, and manufacturer of LED UV equipment), provide effective curing UV solutions for inks, coatings, and adhesives, including integrated, conveyor, shuttered, rotary, spot, bottle, flood lamp, and microwave lamp equipment. All its systems, including the handheld ultraviolet light curing systems, are environmentally responsible.

Diversified Graphic Machinery’s (Booth 258) Filmdex Cast and Cure is the sustainable packaging solution for customers who desire a high impact visual effect. As the need to offer solutions that are environmentally friendly continues to increase, Cast and Cure is becoming the future of the industry. The Cast and Cure process uses Energy Curable UV Coatings and Varnishes which are solvent free and also a renewable resource. It does not emit any greenhouse gases during the process and also does not contain any VOCs. The film is also reusable multiple times and is recyclable.

Enviro Image Solutions’ (Booth 760) blanket renewal program transforms printing blankets from one-time use consumable items into multi-use assets. EIS’ service allows printers to reuse the same printing blanket an average of four times. This technology can reduce blanket expenses up to 70% and add tens of thousands of dollars to a printer’s bottom line without any capital investment or purchase of new products.

With close to 1,000 units installed worldwide, FloClear (Booth 861) is one of the original companies with a patented process to offer a sustainable and successful operation that will compliment any size offset press in any environment. FloClear not only offers solutions in press chemistry, but also offers Central Chillers and Combination systems for companies needing to upgrade their units or for companies needing systems to be installed on new presses.

Maratek Environmental, Inc. (Booth 964) has served offset and flexographic manufacturers who produce solvent waste for more than 40 years. The Solvent Saver line of solvent distillation equipment will reduce a printer’s blanket wash and other solvent purchases by up to 90% and virtually eliminate waste disposal expenses.

Pulse Printing Products Ltd. (Booth 561) is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of water-based and UV curable coatings in Europe. The company also manufactures a range of UV curable inks from standard applications right through to low migration.


Ask the expert

Attendees will also be able to “Ask the Expert” in Booth 355 throughout the show. Experts in sustainable processes and technologies will be available to answer attendees’ questions about going green, as well as discuss options and opportunities with attendees.