Encompass Elements Installs Major Differentiator – Scodix S Press

Encompass Elements is a $15 million company that has delivered innovative direct marketing programs for more than 50 years. One key to generating powerful results is to leverage the latest technology. The company, which has completed projects for companies such as Eddie Bauer, Tylenol, and Elizabeth Arden, recently implemented a new press that will not only propel it to stand out from the competition, but will ensure its customers stand out as well.

The Scodix S Digital Press (Booth 1921) is a digital enhancement press that offers a value-added benefit to printed materials by adding tangible dimension and texture. The press produces Scodix SENSE, which engages viewers’ senses and makes the materials memorable. Encompass Elements is already creating sensational print with a range of effects that are creating a dramatic impact on projects ranging from high-end product launches to comic book covers.

“We’re willing to be innovative with new equipment and Scodix is one way to make an investment to differentiate us against the competition, as well as to have a value-add to offer clients,” says General Manager Bill Scannapieco. “The goal is to improve response rates for clients by giving offerings a higher quality look and feel. We can create products that leave a lasting impression. It’s a technology that we feel will take off and we’ll be ahead of the marketplace.”

“Installation was ideal,” says Scannapieco. “We were running product within a few days. Operation was almost immediate. The technical support and communications were outstanding.” Print Manager Ed Narewski agrees: “It’s not difficult to learn,” he says. “With our experience with digital printing it was easy to add the Scodix to our toolbox.”

Delivering jobs with impact

Encompass Elements, operating in Colmar, PA, and New Castle, DE, worked with a high-end watch company to produce postcards to launch a new product. Scodix enhanced the graphics by making elements such as the watchband and glass look real. The black and red watchband stands out with a raised, textured effect and the metal is highlighted with another chrome-type effect.

“We could have sent out the postcards with just a picture, because it’s a nice picture, but when you add the Scodix to it, it adds a whole new dimension,” says Narewski. “It makes the product more realistic with its touch and feel. The glass on the watch looked like glass.”

“There isn’t anything like this out there,” enthuses Narewski. “You can’t add quite the level of detail or texturing that you can with the Scodix.”

Scannapieco is also enthusiastic about the new technology. “Scodix is an offering that is going to lead us into new revenue streams and increased growth,” he concludes. “It is a major differentiator cementing Encompass Element’s leadership role in the marketplace.”