Small Folder Plays Big Role

The volume of orders for smaller-format leaflets led to the purchase of the GUK FA 36/6-6 SAF Commercial/ Miniature Folder from G&K–Vijuk International,” (Booth 243) says, Holli Boivin, Production Manager at C and H Printing Solutions of Lake Forest, IL.

To become a one-stop shop for their customers, Colbert Packaging, a leading manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid paper boxes, and paperboard specialty products for 54 years, partnered with Haapanen Brothers, a full service graphics arts and printing company for 29 years, to form C and H Printing Solutions in 2011 to add printed literature to their services.

Located in northern Chicago, IL, suburbs, Colbert provides the layout and the finishing of leaflets and Haapanan does the printing. C and H offers folded, glued, stitched, and spine-glued printed literature from micro size to commercial size.

While C and H owns a host of insert and outsert folding equipment, some able to fold up to 238 panels, it finds that about 30% of its work is done on the new GUK FA 36. “It’s due to its incredible speed, easy setup, and versatility,” says Boivin. “We do a variety of small-format inserts on the FA 36 for many industries nationwide, but mainly the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and automotive industries.

“Job quantities vary from about 200,000 to 600,000, and we run them at around 18,000 to 26,000 per hour, depending on the size and paper.” The machine is capable of higher speeds, but continues Boivin, “The operator runs it at speeds that allow comfortable collection on the delivery end.”

“Speed is key, but we also like the consistency of its production. We can get the quality of product at twice the speed of our other folders, and this helps us serve our customers with timely deliveries without sacrificing quality.”

At C and H a common size to fold are 5x8" sheets folded to 5x1". Smaller leaflets, about 3x1" in size with parallel folds, can be folded 2-up. Leaflets about 2-1/4x1" in size can be folded 3-up. “Folding 2-or 3-up increases our production considerably,” says Boivin.

C and H also uses the FA 36 to address customer needs for small, thin outserts. “Our FA 36 is unique because we had G&K–Vijuk modify it so an MV-11 Knife Outsert Unit can be attached to it,” says Boivin. “It allows us to start with smaller sheets, expanding our range of outsert production. The smaller rollers handle thinner finished outserts better than the larger systems.”

Complying with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as a cGMP-compliant facility, “We also had bar code scanning added on the FA 36,” adds Boivin.

With its multitude of capabilities, Boivin claims, “The machine is in constant use. It always has a back log of work. It is a mainstay.”