EFI Demonstrates Dedication to Innovation at PRINT 13

EFI (Booth 2602) continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation in the printing industry, winning more MUST SEE ’EMS awards in 2013 than any other company. From Fiery technology to VUTEk superwide format and EFI Wide Format inkjet printers and inks, to Jetrion digital production label printers to the most advanced productivity software in the world, EFI provides innovations to help your business maximize it’s process and profit potential.

See these innovations at PRINT 13:



The EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro is a 3.2-meter wide, high-speed digital UV inkjet press offering the productivity of screen printing, with image quality that approaches offset. It helps PSPs migrate from prep-intensive analog print methods to UV digital inkjet printing.



EFI VUTEk GS-TF is a patented, extremely flexible UV curable digital ink and printer system that enables direct printing to substrates for deep-draw thermoforming applications.


EFI Jetrion 4900ML

The EFI Jetrion 4900ML UV Inkjet System’s end-to-end digital label operation is the leanest way to produce labels, with digital printing and digital finishing in a single pass. The press also delivers the lowest cost per finished label, eliminating plates, dies, changeovers, make-ready labor, with additional cost savings because there are no click charges and no need for over and under laminates.



The EFI VUTEk GS-CP ink and printer system for corrugated plastic printing are UV-curable and compatible with all brands of white corrugated polypropylene board stock. The inks run on the new EFI VUTEk GS2000 Pro-CP and VUTEk GS3250 Pro-CP printers.


EFI Fiery MX-PE10 Print Server Driving the Sharp Pro Series MX-6500N/MX-7500N Color Document Systems

The tight integration of Sharp’s printing technology, an EFI digital front end (DFE), and Fiery Command WorkStation 5.4 job management software is unique to this offering and gives operators complete control. These Digital Document Systems are the first in the industry to offer full control of EFI’s Command WorkStation job management interface right from the engine’s operation panel.

EFI Fiery Go

EFI Fiery Go is a native iOS app. It lets users manage Fiery servers directly from an iPad. Operators can print, delete, preview, and define job attributes. The app alerts operators to errors job, paper jams, and more.


EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite v4.5

Fiery Color Profiler Suite v4.5 is a complete color management solution that allows users to create ICC profiles, optimize spot colors, perform color quality assurance, and match color across multiple presses in a digital production environment.


EFI GlossControl

EFI GlossControl postpress device modifies the gloss appearance of the printed output from dry toner printers. GlossControl minimizes the differences in sheen across printed pages and modifies gloss levels of higher-coverage areas to deliver print quality without reducing the vividness of the color output.


EFI Fiery JobFlow 1.2

Fiery JobFlow is a prepress workflow automation solution for jobs submitted to a Fiery Driven print engine. From any supported Web browser, users can define and automate repetitive prepress tasks in a simple, intuitive way.


EFI Fiery proServer

for Cretaprint

EFI Fiery proServer is a color management system for ceramic tile decoration, providing: best-in-class color with less ink, dedicated color profiling, accurate inkjet proofing, and visualization of the final print condition in Photoshop.


EFI Complete Integrated

Workflow for Inkjet

The EFI Complete Integrated Workflow for Inkjet is the first bi-directional, JDF workflow for large-format inkjet to incorporate Web-to-print, MIS, RIPing, and printing.


EFI Monarch Automated


EFI Monarch MIS/ERP software now leverages the Metamation Graphic Software engine to automate the building of complex layouts, including gang runs with multiple sizes and quantities. This capability results in greener production runs that produce less waste and improve production capacity.


EFI IQuote

EFI IQuote is a Web-based, JDF compliant estimating system that supports all available and emerging technologies in the graphic arts industry.

This fully automated solution first calculates all possible production paths using machine capability information, and then chooses the most efficient path based on cost data. IQuote allows users to see and modify the proposed solution, run simulations, send proposals, and create real production jobs in a flexible and secure workflow environment.

EFI SmartSign Analytics

EFI SmartSign Analytics (SSA) is a signage data collection and analysis technology. Utilizing a webcam added to your sign or display, SSA analyzes and reports on your viewing audience.


EFI Auto-Count Plant Manager Dashboard

Central management interface for EFI Auto-Count Direct Machine Interface technology with new data and integration features, including a distance-viewing dashboard and integrated connectivity with Fiery Driven digital press operations.


EFI Digital StoreFront

SmartStore Builder

The Digital StoreFront SmartStore Builder simplifies branding and customization of storefronts. Choose from pre-built layouts or modify the HTML and CSS files directly for complete customization. All pre-built storefront layouts use responsive design in HTML5, so they are compatible with a variety of operating systems and form factors.


EFI Radius Business

Intelligence v5

EFI Radius Business Intelligence (BI) version 5 leverages workflow, production, and management data to provide visual snapshots of performance in all areas, including “what if” tools, Mekko and Grid charts, and tools for calculating future production constraints.