DELIVER! Boasts 11 MUST SEE 'EMS Award Winners

Mailing pros won’t want to leave without taking a look at all 11 MUST SEE ’EMS Award winners in the Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping, and Fulfillment categories.

Bell and Howell (Booth 2614) scooped up an award for its Apex Model 2 Mail Sorter that commingles standard mail pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to gain the maximum USPS Workshare discounts.

Drop by Booth 3522 to see the BWE SYSTEC Watermill Card Storage System. A trend in the card fulfillment industry is the processing of increasingly smaller batch sizes. This modular system saves up to 1,890 or 3,780 plastic cards from different personalization jobs in random order and then brings them into an optimal order for further processing.

Pitney Bowes (Booth 1947) took honors for its ADF Enabled Document Collator, DP50S Color Digital Printer, Mailstream Engage Direct Marketing Solution, and Print+ Response Inkjet Module.

The ADF Enabled Document Collator automates the processing of oversize collations ranging from one to more than 300 sheets at speeds up to 50,000 sheets per hour and an output up to 20 times faster than traditional hand processed workcells.

The DP50S Color Digital Printer expands your capability to print full color on a broader range of materials, including envelopes. The included iQueue Ultimate software offers real-time cost estimates, job proofing, and print queue management. It also manages color matching to ensure accurate representation of your logo or corporate colors.

Pitney Bowes’ Mailstream Engage provides the ability to create high impact, personalized mail pieces without envelopes. It takes standard letter-sized printed material and folds it to create a “micro billboard” mail piece. The look and feel of the mail piece can increase open rates up to 10 times greater than traditional direct mail to boost the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The Print+ Response Inkjet Module prints full color or monochrome, 100% variable data messaging and graphics on business reply envelopes, correspondence return envelopes, or inserts in-line during high-speed inserting and wrapping at speeds up to 26,000 pieces per hour. By eliminating pre-printed envelopes and inserts, this White Paper Factory implementation can reduce job changeover, efficiently process commingled jobs, increase job accuracy, and increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

You’ll find Printware in Booth 5227, where representatives are demonstrating the iJetPress Digital Inkjet Printer with iJetColor Workflow. This solution is offered as a complete digital color printing solution bundled with an iJetColor workflow based on the Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP and workflow, a standard output tray, and an iJetPress combo ink pack. The system produces full up to 3,600 full color pages per hour.

See the RISO Inline Print to Mail Solution in Booth 544. The system is made up of RISO’s ComColor high-speed inkjet printer and the unique inline Wrapping Envelope Finisher. This inline mailing solution handles mail production from Host to Post, with minimal intervention.

Segbert (Booth 3531) offers the Pre-Sorter VVS, which consists of two modules, a lift storage and a stacking system. The bundle runs in and stops. At the same time the lateral alignment moves towards the bundle to hold and lift it, the lateral fingers move under the bundle to support it and the bundle is lifted. As soon as the next bundle runs in, the first is positioned, moved forward, and the procedure repeats until the bundle height is reached and the complete bundle runs towards the palletizer in a sequence that makes it possible to palletize the highest bundles at the outer sides of the pallet and the smaller bundles in the center.

W+D North America (Booth 3922) is another winner of multiple MUST SEE ’EMS with its W+D 234d BP and W+D BB-700 S2. The 234d BP a true industrial grade, high-speed, four-color, drop-on-demand inkjet envelope overprint press that offers offset competitive print quality. The 234d BP prints a wide range of envelopes, as well as business applications, including letterhead, stationary, business cards, and tags at speeds of up to 60,000 per hour.

The W+D BB-700 S2 direct mail inserter is the servo-driven modular BB700 S2 equipped with print first drop-on-demand inkjet printing. It operates at speeds of up to 16,000 envelopes per hour. In addition to standard #10 format envelopes, it handles a multitude of coated stocks, booklets, and large-format products, up to 10x13". It also now has a higher degree of system intelligence and automation allowing for single pass production for more sophisticated database market applications.