Pop Artist/Publisher Tom Zotos to Sign Limited Collectible Posters

Scodix is hosting Tom Zotos, renowned artist and publisher of movie and Pop culture imagery, on Monday, September 9th and Tuesday, September 10th, in Booth 1921. On both days, from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon and then from 2pm to 3pm, Tom will be present for a meet and greet autograph session, featuring his art enhanced with the groundbreaking Scodix technology. In celebration of his participation, the Scodix booth will host a gallery of Tom’s artwork, featuring iconic DC Comics, Disney and Lucasfilm characters.

“We live in a world of ever-evolving technological breakthroughs that are designed to capture and elevate our attention spans and understanding,” notes Zotos. “In the printing community, science has enabled the artist to develop crisper and more high-definition messaging imagery that is near lifelike, but remains in a 2-D realm. The Scodix tools enable us to break away from typical print limitations and offer our audiences a 3-D feel that touches our senses beyond sight. It gives my craft of collectible art, as well as those in packaging, POP, and promotional signage, a look and feel that recaptures our imaginations and broadens our creative horizons.”

“At Scodix, we believe we are making a real difference in the commercial and digital printing industry, and more importantly in the businesses of each and every customer,” notes Ziki Kuly, VP Marketing, Scodix. “Yet it is still very exciting to have earned and received the industry and celebrity endorsement of someone who has made such an illustrious career out of impacting the world through his heightened sense of creativity and foresight. The demand for his work is only surpassed by his passion for his craft and the affect it has on his ever-growing audience. We are honored to have him endorse our Scodix SENSE™ and Scodix Rainbow™ technology as tools that further his mission.”