News & Tech Addresses “Keeping Print Strong in Your Newspaper Brand”

At Sunday morning’s News & Tech session, members of a panel of newspaper executives discussed what they’re doing to keep print visible and thriving as they maneuver the multimedia landscape. Among the topics highlighted were the production and technology trends shaping newspaper and hybrid printing operations.

The speakers were Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Director of Operations Lisa Hurm, The Bakersfield Californian Director of Digital Content Louis Amestoy, Newsday Director of Advertising Operations James Kober, and Tribune Media Group Senior Vice President of Marketing and Targeted Media Joseph Schiltz.

Prior to the panelists’ introductions, Hal Hinderliter, president of Hinderliter Consulting Services, took the dais to address what is required these days to make the move from a successful newspaper printer to successful commercial printer.

Hinderliter laid out several keys to affecting that transition. First, he said, management information systems are critical to reaching out to clients and making it easy for them to work with you. And newspaper printers will have to watch color quality much more carefully, making a spectrophotometer worth the investment.

Here at PRINT 13, printers making the transition are well advised to use the MUST SEE ‘EMS winners as a guide to some of the investments they will need to contemplate.

Among brand names Hinderliter touted were Enfocus Connect ALL for prepress and premedia, and the Goss International Magnum Compact Press Autoplate system, the world’s first automatic plate changing unit for a single-width offset newspaper press, allowing the changing of all plates automatically in less than 230 seconds.

Hinderliter also urged audience members to look at the Bourg BB3202 In-Line Perfect Binder and Muller Martini Presto II Digital Saddler for postpress, and the Avanti Slingshot in management systems. Other Hinderliter recommendations were the Agfa Arkitex Eversify, enabling exporting of print content to other platforms, and Ricoh Clickable Paper, a cross-media technology that recognizes hotpots on any printed surface.

Goss, KBA, and manroland are all marketing heavily automated fast-changeover systems, Hinderliter noted. His final exhortation to the audience: There are lots of opportunities in the $5,000 to $100,000 “middle ground, but only if you produce the excellent print quality commercial print markets require.”