Roland DGA Spotlights Award-Winning Photographer and Advanced Large-Format Inkjets

At PRINT 13, Roland DGA (Booth 4274) is showcasing the award-winning work of Australian photographer Bob Armstrong, whose company, Body of Work, has won more than 114 international awards, including eight Bennies Sunday night at the Printing Industries of America’s Premier Print Awards event.

Roland is also demonstrating its newest and most advanced large-format digital printers and cutters. In the spotlight is the SolJet Pro 4 XF-640 digital inkjet. The 64" XF-640 is equipped with advanced dual mirrored print heads, a reinforced chassis, redesigned take-up and pinch roller systems, and wide-gamut Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks. It delivers vibrant, detailed images at speeds up to 1,098 sqft/hr.

No stranger to the Benny, Body of Work also garnered eight of the awards last year.

Samples of Armstrong’s work, output on the Roland VersaUV large format digital printer, are on display throughout the booth. Armstrong uses revolutionary new creative masking techniques, along with Roland’s UV-LED printing technology, to create one-off prints from his original photographic masterpieces, works of art that sell for $25,000 and up.

“About a year ago I began working with the Roland people and Glyn Szasz, a technical wiz kid, to develop a unique system for creating a tactile finish to the output,” said Armstrong. “Our Body of Work Casino Collection has this unique, contoured, tactile finish that distinguishes it from other photographic works.”

In fact, through his Body of Work Casino Collection, Armstrong has developed a new business venture, a franchise operation for owners of Roland equipment who can print and then “rent out” Armstrong’s photographs to hotels, restaurants, and other customers, for a low monthly fee. Each month the image is replaced with another image from the Casino Collection. The Body of Work frame, measuring 5x3', is made of special heavy-duty DIBOND material. The new venture is launching in the U.S. in 2014.