O’Neil Data Systems Expands Capacity with Purchase of Two Additional HP T410 Color Inkjet Web Presses

O’Neil Data Systems purchased two HP (Booth 1241) T410 Color Inkjet Web Presses to expand production capacity and deliver on customer demand for millions of time-sensitive, personalized documents every day.

Founded in 1973 by William J. O’Neil, O’Neil Data Systems is a Los Angeles-based data-driven marketing communications firm. With its latest investment, O’Neil Data Systems now has a total of nine HP Inkjet Web Presses—including five HP T410s, two HP T360s, and two HP T230s. Since expanding its footprint with the opening of a Plano, TX-based facility in 2010, O’Neil Data Systems has increased its production inkjet capacity more than six times.

“We’re putting printed information in front of millions of people every day, and every single page we produce is personalized, so it is important that we have the horsepower required to get the jobs done quickly,” said James Lucanish, President, O’Neil Data Systems. “The additional HP T410 Web Presses give us the incremental capacity we require to progress on the same growth trajectory we’ve experienced over the past few years, while continuing to hit our deadlines with ease.”

Capitalizing on mass customization

As an early adopter of production inkjet, O’Neil Data Systems takes advantage of the productivity and print quality of its HP Inkjet Web Presses to offer its customers the benefits of personalized digital printing with the cost effectiveness and efficiency of high-volume print.

“HP Inkjet Web Presses are like fine wine—they just keep getting better with age in terms of print quality, flexibility, and uptime,” said Lucanish. “We continue investing in HP systems because they allow us to turn on a dime for clients and meet extremely aggressive deadlines without ever having to worry about the quality of the finished product.”

With the full range of HP Inkjet Web Presses, along with sophisticated data management systems and finishing equipment, O’Neil Data Systems has carved a niche for itself in the mass customization of high-volume documents for its clients in the financial services and healthcare industries. The company also uses HP Indigo Digital Presses to produce a variety of high-end jobs, including covers for HP Inkjet Web Press-printed publications.