Harlequin RIP Enhancements Foster Digital Print Growth

Announced at a PRINT 13 press conference on Sunday afternoon, the new Harlequin MultiRIP 10 version has been developed specifically to enable print shops to grow out into digital print and/or to expand into digital marketing. It introduces major new features that speed up the processing of PDF/VT and increase the rate that pages are fed to the press for significant productivity gains, says developer Global Graphics Software (Booth 958). It is the ideal print engine to drive short-run digital presses profitably alongside CTP (computer to plate).

“Harlequin MultiRIP 10 brings the speed benefits that we introduced at drupa for high-volume production presses to allow smaller print shops to use digital presses to maintain profitability even as run lengths decrease,” said Martin Bailey, Global Graphics Chief Technology Officer. “It also helps them handle personalized work efficiently to drive into higher margin markets.” Bailey added that the product has won a Reader’s Choice Award from Quick Printing magazine. “Recognition like that, from the people who actually pay for the software, means a lot.”

New features include:

  • More speed, which translates to more jobs in a shift. Extensive multi-threading allows maximum use to be made of multi-core CPUs so that pages pass through the RIP faster than ever before. With Harlequin’s proprietary Parallel Pages, the RIP will interpret one page while it’s still rendering the previous one. A 64-bit RIP build now allows use of virtually unlimited amounts of RAM to ensure that even the most complex jobs run at high speed. On a 20-page sample job, the end result was 1.3 times faster, Bailey reported.
  • Variable data support. Harlequin VariData greatly accelerates the processing time of PDF/VT and PDF files containing variable data by using a unique method of intelligently recognizing repeated content. Even jobs with single-use images, QR codes for purls, or personalized graphics can now be output at full engine speed.
  • Great color “out of the box.” It is easier to achieve consistent, predictable and repeatable color reproduction across any number of devices by tight integration of Harlequin MultiRIP with third party closed loop color controls for automatic updates.

Harlequin MultiRIP is sold via Global Graphics Software’s OEM and system integrator partners, such as Xitron, ECRM (Booth 2358), Presstek (Booth 4851), Compose and Rampage.