New HP Printer Expands Potential for Small Commercial Printers

In a special breakfast Monday morning, HP introduced customers Brandon Harrop and Logan Malan of Express Imaging in Salt Lake City, UT, to discuss their experience with the new HP Designjet Z5400 PostScript ePrinter. The printer is being demonstrated at PRINT 13 in HP’s Booth 1241.

The HP Designjet Z5400 PostScript ePrinter is a multi-roll, large-format ePrinter created especially for copy shops and small commercial printers. The 44" (1.11 meter) device is ideal for printing large-format applications with high image quality, such as posters, photos, canvases, backlit prints, indoor signs, point-of-sale posters, line drawings, and maps. It provides fast delivery of completed print projects with two-roll media and automatic switching features. This increases productivity by reducing time spent changing media as well as downtime in between multiple print jobs. The entry level machine is priced at less than $6,000.

Brandon Harrop spoke about how the printer’s versatility has opened new opportunities for Express Imaging by allowing them to meet a wider range of customer needs. The image quality provided by the Designjet Z5400 helped the print shop gain access to a whole new market when Comic Con made its Salt Lake City debut earlier this month. “We have a lot of artist friends, and when we told them what we could do, we were suddenly printing a lot of Superman and Batman and Spiderman for Comic Con.”

Express Imaging’s ability to produce work for a venue as large as Comic Con also gave them exposure to a much wider market. Some of the work they did for the superfan convention can be seen in HP’s booth.

“A lot of our customers are small restaurants and other small local businesses,” says Harrop. “They appreciate that we communicate with them to find out what their needs are and we help them solve their problems. We’re not just their printer, we’re part of their community. That’s important.”

Express Imaging also uses the nesting feature on the Designjet Z5400 to gang print small-format jobs. This allows them to produce even more types of work without having to dedicate floor space to extra equipment.

Visit HP in Booth 1241 to see work produced by Express Imaging and to see the HP Designjet Z5400 in action.