Xerox Unveils New Technology at PRINT 13

Monday morning, Xerox welcomed PRINT 13 attendees to a special event in Booth 1202, one of the largest digital printing exhibits at the show. Gina Testa, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, told attendees that Xerox is introducing 12 new products at PRINT 13, including new digital presses, inkjet solutions, and workflow innovations.

Testa introduced Jeff Jacobson, President, Global Graphic Communications Operations, who explained the concept behind Xerox’s “Workflow Central” booth theme. The display offers attendees a 360 degree perspective of the values, strengths, and benefits of automation. “The key to sustained growth is the advanced automation of production processes,” said Jacobson. “To fuel that growth, we are showing how it all works—with workflow solutions that reduce production steps, add value to print jobs, and lower overall costs.”

“I’ve been attending this show since 1987, and in all that time, this is the most impressive booth I’ve ever seen” Jacobson continued. “When I joined Xerox 19 months ago, we may have had all of our solutions in the booth, but they were not together. Now everything has been brought together in a dynamic layout so that our customers can walk through the booth and see exactly how a cohesive workflow can streamline and improve their productivity.”

Xerox also announced that the company recently finalized the largest iGen sale in its history. Photo giant Shutterfly invested heavily in iGen Diamond and iGen 150 print engines to increase its productivity and speed turn times. Another Xerox iGen customer, Gilles LaMere, President of Swiss photo company IFOLOR, was on hand to discuss his company’s relationship with Xerox. “We have been able to increase productivity with the iGen, which will help us meet the demands of the coming peak season during the Christmas holidays,” LaMere said. “The technology has been tested and proven. The iGen 150 is definitely the right product for us.”

A big point of interest in the Xerox booth is the company’s recently expanded portfolio of both aqueous and waterless inkjet technologies. Visitors can see demonstrations of the Impika iPrint Compact, Xerox CiPress 500 Single Engine Duplex Production Inkjet System, Impika iEngine 1000, and the Impika iPrint Compact 24.

The company has also introduced Xerox FreeFlow Core, a modular and scalable platform that helps automate the workflow for any print environment.