RBP Debuts New Line of Fountain Solutions

RBP Chemical Technology (Booth 3044) launched its new Intellicon line of ultra-concentrated chemistry products at PRINT 13. Printers in the coldset, heatset, and UV sheetfed markets can now reduce fountain solution consumption by an estimated 50-80% when using Intellicon products.

“From freight cost and floor space savings to direct pump distribution, Intellicon is a new way to deliver a well-proven product to press,” said Mark Heimerl, Director of Print Sales and Marketing at RBP. “All the ingredients have been concentrated into a more user-friendly, longer-lasting product.”

Liquid Gold’s ultra-concentrated, homogeneous solutions in the Intellicon line incorporate the latest chemical technology for newsprint and coldset applications and are available in both mild acid and neutral formulas (Liquid Gold i-MA and Liquid Gold i-N). Liquid Gold i-MA and Liquid Gold i-N are completely adjustable, allowing a press operator to mix and use only the amount of fountain solution needed at any given time by following a simple formula.

The Concept 21 ultra-concentrated chemistry fountain solution system is a color management tool designed specifically for managing print characteristics and performance on-press in the heatset web and UV sheetfed web markets. Pre-measured and pre-set, Concept 21’s two-part formula is delivered by precision blending technology via a dual pump system that enables press operators to manufacture their own specific fountain solution onsite to meet individual press needs.