PRINT 13 Presents Asia Day

On Monday, NPES hosted Asia Day from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. at PRINT 13. The program was sponsored by NPES and GASC, and co-sponsored by Konica Minolta (Booth 518). It was supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The event opened with a mix and mingle to allow attendees to meet and network. Show attendees from throughout Asia gathered to network with one another and with industry representatives who are doing business in the area—or hoping to do so.

The social interlude was followed by three presentations that covered critical information for everyone who does business in this burgeoning market. Presentations included:

  • “The World Wide Market for Print: Identifying Global Opportunities for the Print Industry” by Ralph J. Nappi, President, NPES and GASC
  • “Packaging Trends in Asia” by Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC and Danielle Jerschefske, North America Editor, Labels & Labeling magazine
  • “The Next Stage in Printing: Konica Minolta’s Contribution” by Takashi Abe, General Manager, CP Business Development Division, Konica Minolta, Inc.

The highlight was Ralph Nappi’s unveiling of new data on worldwide equipment sales. Nappi pointed out that people outside North America are still using information from a 2009 NPES study. “I think everyone in this room knows very well that the printing industry has changed significantly over the past six years,” he said. “That is why we felt it was critical to provide updated numbers that would be relative to this fast-growing market.”

Asia Day attendees were the first to hear an overview from the soon to be released World Wide Market for Print study highlighting the global and regional trends in print sales across the printing industry. The study contains information from the 51 largest countries in the world, reporting 2012 worldwide revenue from print of more than $578 billion (USD). That is projected to grow by 8% to $667 billion (USD) by 2017. Most of that growth will be in the packaging and publishing fields.

The World Wide Market for Print study will be released within the next four to five weeks.

There were also awards presented to international association partners from throughout Asia.

The event wrapped up with Takashi Abe’s observations about what is next in digital developments and how it will affect the opportunities in the area.