Fully Automatic Card Processing from BOWE SYSTEC

Secure Card processing used to involve multiple labor intensive processing steps from storage and personalization through fulfillment. BWE SYSTEC GmbH (Booth 3522) has revitalized its entire card processing operations by developing a completely new generation of card mailing systems with automated security logistics and automated sorting technology. On display at PRINT 13 is the BWE Pace card mailing solution including the Watermill card storage system with its three storage units that automate the pre-sorting process for cards from different personalization jobs. Launching next year is the Wondervault secure card storage system, which will move the automation process a step further into the vaults of banks and secure card processors.

“Today, with Fusion Cross, the world’s most modern mailroom is currently being created. With our most recent innovations, Watermill and Cardcube, we have now set ourselves the target to revolutionize complex processes in card logistics,” said Heiner Kudrus, CEO, BWE SYSTEC GmbH.